Dance competition between these two sisters on Haryanvi song in marriage, Peeli wali did amazing – watch viral video

Social media is such a platform where every day some new and surprising talents are seen. Sometimes the liveliness of an 80-year-old is seen, then the big bang of a small packet remains in the headlines. In other words, everyday a new trend is being seen on the internet. Meanwhile, seeing the video that we are going to share with you today, surely you too will not be able to stop yourself from dancing. The beauties of Bollywood have also failed in front of the tremendous performance of these two little girls seen in the video. These days both the girls dancing on Haryanvi songs are making internet headlines with their wonderful expressions and tremendous performance.

Such a video of the dance of two little girls is going viral on social media, seeing which you will also say the same thing – ‘Yeh toh chhota packet bada dhamaka hai’. This wonderful video has been posted from the Insta account named Dance Prachi. In the video, you can see that two little girls are dancing beautifully on the DJ playing in the wedding atmosphere. The DJ is playing the song ‘Balam Mera Six Foot Ka’ loudly and these two girls are dancing while competing with each other. Lots of people standing around are clapping after watching their dance and social media has also become crazy about this dance. The special thing is that the girls are answering each other with expressions according to the lyrics of the song.

This video has been posted recently and its popularity is skyrocketing. Till now more than one million people have liked it and many comments are coming. It is known from the caption of the video that these two girls are sisters and their names are Myra and Prachi. People are liking this tremendous dance competition at a wedding ceremony in Meerut.

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