Cyber ​​Attack: 12,000 Indian government websites on target of hackers, central government issued alert

Cyber ​​Crime: 12 thousand government websites of India are on the target of a hacker group from Indonesia. The Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center (I4C) has issued an alert regarding this. According to the issued warning, 12,000 government websites have websites of the central government and different state governments. These websites are being monitored by a group called ‘Hacktivist Indonesia’. 

According to the issued alert, the hacktivist hacking group has made a list of Indian websites. There are a total of 12,000 government websites in the list of hackers, about which the concerned cyber security agencies in India have become alert. The alert has been circulated to all agencies, central and state government wings. However, Indian government websites are ‘updated’ and ‘capable’ to deal with such threats. 

In the report, the government officials have also been informed about the measures to avoid this. On behalf of the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center, it has been said that the employees working in government institutions should take care that they do not become victims of cybercrime. Avoid clicking on any unknown emails or links to protect the security of websites from such attacks. 

Special advice has been given to government employees 

It has also been said in the alert that how hackers can target. According to the issued warning, after being hacked, the website will be closed as soon as it opens. Along with this, government employees have always been advised to use secure network only for working. Significantly, hackers have been targeting Indian websites for some time. 

Actually, after the comments made against Prophet Muhammad last year, tension had increased in the country. During that time too, Malaysian hacktivist gangs targeted Indian government websites. 

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