Covid New Variant: New variant of Corona found in Israel, expert expressed apprehension of danger!

New Variant Of Corona Found In Israel: A new variant of Corona has been found in Israel. This has been confirmed by Israel’s Ministry of Health. This new variant has been found in two people. This new type of virus is said to be a combination of BA.1 (Omicron) and BA.2 variants.

According to the local media report of Israel, a new variant of Corona has been found in two people who have returned from abroad in the country. Two passengers infected with this variant landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Both were found positive in the PCR test. During this, it was also confirmed that this is a new variant of Kovid. According to the report, the samples of both the infected patients have been sent for examination. The report quoted the ministry as saying that patients had symptoms such as headache, fever and muscle pain.

This is how a new variant is made

According to Professor Salman Zarka, their link up is not unusual when both the variants are done together. He said that this phenomenon occurs when two viruses are in the same cell. The professor said that when two variants exchange genetic material, a new variant is born.

Growing pace in India
A new variant of Corona has been found in Israel when the cases of Kovid are increasing in India. Especially the six states of India are more affected. Which includes states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Keeping this increase in mind, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written to six states urging them to focus on testing, treatment, tracking and vaccination.

condition of corona in india
According to the Union Health Ministry, more than 700 Covid cases have been reported in a day after a gap of more than four months. With this, the number of active cases has increased to 4,623. Due to which the increasing speed of Corona can be estimated.

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