COVID-19: Such a scared woman from Corona! No sunlight, no use of gas for three years, imprisoned himself with his son

COVID-19 Fear: The fear of Corona in the hearts of the people, an incident of this was seen in Gurugram. Here a woman had locked herself in the house due to fear of Corona. She had confined herself and her 10-year-old child in the house for the last 3 years. Not only this, she did not allow her husband to enter the house as he was away at work. Forced husband was living in a rented house for 3 years.

The woman’s husband was forced to complain to the police. On which the police along with the health department team took out the child. According to PTI news agency, this incident is of Maruti Vihar Society of Gurugram Police Station Sector-29 area. The name of the woman is being told as Munmun Manjhi. On the complaint of the woman’s husband, a team of health department officials and child welfare department members broke open the main door of the house and rescued Munmun Manjhi along with her 10-year-old son.

This is how the case was revealed

The matter came to light on February 17 when Munmun’s husband Sujan Manjhi contacted Praveen Kumar, an assistant sub-inspector posted at the Chakkarpur police post. Police said, “Sujan Manjhi is an engineer in a private company. He had to go to work, so Munmun had barred him from entering the house. Sujan spent the first few days with friends and relatives and tried to convince his wife.” After failing in the same, he started living in a rented house in the same area. He used to keep in touch with his wife and son through video calls.”

Police didn’t trust earlier

Sujan was bearing the expenses of both the houses. He used to keep ration and vegetables outside the house for his wife and child. Used to pay house rent, electricity bill and son’s fees. ASI Kumar told PTI, “At first I did not believe Sujan’s claims, but after she spoke to his wife and son on video call, it was decided to intervene.” He further said, “The house where the woman was staying had accumulated so much dirt and garbage that if a few more days had passed, something untoward could have happened.”

had not seen the sun for three years

The police officer said, “The woman’s son had not even seen the sun in the last three years. He also did not use cooking gas and stored water in these three years due to the fear of Covid.” On the other hand, Sujan was very happy to have his wife and son after three years and thanked the police. She said, “Both are being treated and I hope my life will be back on track soon.”

Both mother and son have been admitted to the hospital. Gurugram’s civil surgeon Dr. Virendra Yadav said, “The woman has some mental problem. Both have been referred to PGI, Rohtak, where they have been admitted to the psychiatric ward for treatment.”

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