COVID-19 In China: Kovid-19 is not completely over in China, health department issued alert

China’s COVID-19 Alert: While the prominent leaders of China have declared China’s decisive victory over Kovid-19, claiming the lowest death rate in the world. On the other hand, health officials in China said on Thursday (February 23) that the COVID-19 epidemic in the country is partially over, but it is not completely over as the rapidly spreading XBB.1.5 has been contained since January 8. There are 7 cases of variants. Chinese officials said that China’s control over COVID would be an example to the world.

He further said that despite having such a large population, we managed to control COVID-19. He really deserves appreciation. During this, officials said that even though we have won a decisive victory over Kovid, it is not completely over, so we need to be cautious. Officials said that due to the spread of the virus in rural areas, the country strengthened its healthcare system. Critical care beds have been increased from 198,000 to 404,000.

Top leaders have claimed victory over COVID-19

Last week, China’s top leaders declared a “decisive victory” over COVID, claiming the world’s lowest death rate, although experts questioned the data. Because even after strict corona rules for 3 years, corona infection was spreading all over China. Even before this, questions have been raised on the data released by China.

Message on China’s figures

Please tell that this time Corona caused havoc in China. Seeing the pictures of social media and news channels, it could be guessed that how Corona created havoc in China this time. There were no beds in the hospitals, there was a famine of medicines in the market. Alam was that there were lines to bury the dead body. Despite this, China claimed that about 80 thousand people have died due to Kovid. According to some experts, the death toll is much higher as many patients died at home.

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