H3N2 Cases Increased: After 67 days in the country, active cases of Corona crossed 3000, H3N2 cases also increased

Covid Cases: Due to the changing weather, nowadays many people are facing the problem of cold, high fever and cough. Because of which India is in the grip of viral fever these days. Due to increase in corona patients, cases of viral fever h3n2 have also increased. After 67 days, the active cases of corona have increased to more than 3 thousand in the country. According to the information, this figure had reached 707 in January. Apart from this, till March 10, there are a total of 3294 active cases in the country. 117 cases have increased in the last 24 hours of Corona.

Of these, the highest speed is in Maharashtra. In the last 24 hours, 40 new cases have been reported from Maharashtra, 27 from Telangana, 24 from Gujarat, 16 from Tamil Nadu. Corona fever cases have increased by 70 percent in a week. However, if we talk about the total active patients so far, Kerala has the maximum number of active patients. Out of total 3294 active patients in India, almost half of 1466 patients are from Kerala. After that, there are 454 total corona patients in Karnataka at number two and 419 in Maharashtra at number three. The total number of corona patients in Delhi is currently 19. No new patient has arrived in Delhi in the last 24 hours.

About 30-50 lakh cases of influenza virus are reported
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 30-50 lakh cases of this influenza virus are reported every year in the whole world. . Of these, 2.9 to 6.5 lakh people die due to respiratory diseases. The WHO says that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the disease. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, H3N2 is more effective than other viruses. People suffering from this virus are being admitted to hospitals in large numbers.

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