Corona Update: Corona is gaining momentum again! Cases doubled in Maharashtra, effect seen in Delhi as well, health department alert

Corona Update In India: Once again the effect of Corona has started appearing across the country. Corona cases have started increasing rapidly in all the states. Maharashtra recorded 155 new Covid cases on Tuesday (March 14), which was more than double the number of infections reported the previous day. At the same time, two patients of Corona died in the state. Along with this, Delhi is facing the double whammy of H3N2 along with Corona. For the first time in this year, more than 10 have come forward. 

Corona has gained momentum in Madhya Pradesh as soon as the weather changes. Since Holi, till now 29 corona patients have been found in 3 cities of Madhya Pradesh. Corona positive patients are coming out the fastest in Indore, while Bhopal is at number two. At the same time, in Himachal too, reports of 42 people have come positive recently. The health department has come on alert mode. 

Corona situation in the capital

According to the Health Department of Delhi, 13 new cases of corona were reported on Monday (March 13). This figure is the highest in this year. Earlier on December 29, 11 cases were reported. It is a matter of relief that no patient has died due to corona. 

Corona situation in Maharashtra 

Maximum 75 new cases of corona were registered in Pune, Maharashtra. After this, 49 cases were reported in Mumbai circle, 13 in Nashik, eight in Nagpur, five in Kolhapur, two each in Aurangabad and Akola and one in Latur circle. With the new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the total number of corona infected cases in the state reached 81,38,653. The death toll has risen to 1,48,426. 

Corona status in the country 

Corona cases have started increasing continuously across the country. In the last 24 hours, 402 cases of corona have been reported. With this, active cases have increased to 3903. There were 440 cases on 10 March, 456 cases on 11 March, 524 cases on 12 March and 444 cases on 13 March. Between 400 to 500 cases are being reported every day. 

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