Corona’s new variant XBB.1.16.1 is extremely fatal for children and the elderly, know the methods of rescue

Kid’s Health: The new variant of Corona XBB.1.16.1 has spread in 9 states of India, more than 116 patients have come to the fore. Not only in adults, this variant XBB.1.16.1 is also being found in children. In which redness of the eyes is being told as a new symptom. So let us tell you that corona virus How can you protect yourself and your children from the new variant of.

Why is the new variant of coronavirus XBB.1.16.1 deadly?

Doctors believe that the new variant of Kovid-19 is a sub-variant of the XBB.1.16.1 Omicron variant. In which some extra spike mutations have been found, which are more contagious and can infect each other faster. Its common symptoms can be fever, cough, cold, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, change in voice, shortness of breath, headache, body ache, fatigue. Apart from this, burning sensation in the eyes, redness, diarrhoea, chest pain etc. are also seen in this new variant.

Avoidance of new variants of Corona

1. To avoid the new variant XBB.1.16.1 of Kovid-19, you are being advised to wear a triple layer mask. Also, pay attention to cleanliness, especially washing hands frequently.

2. After increasing the cases of coronavirus once again, it has become necessary to follow social distancing. One should avoid going to crowded areas and if it is necessary to go, one should cover the nose, ears and mouth.

3. If you see any kind of symptoms, you should isolate yourself and avoid meeting others.

4. Our diet should be kept healthy, in which we have to include food rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber and avoid eating fried and spicy things.

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