Udaariyaan 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam cries on his fate

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The Episode starts with Ekam and Nehmat crying. He says I was marrying you, but I got married to Harleen, I kept my marriage with her with sincerity, then Alia came in our lives, you have come back, Harleen met with an accident and now she has come back, shall I get happy for her return or… She asks him to keep courage. He says I m shattered. She says we will do this right. He says it won’t get right now. She says we will do something.

Everyone worries for Nehmat. Rupy says how will we come out of this, we have nothing to say. Renuka says how will we explain Alia. Ekam asks how shall I explain Harleen. Nehmat says she will think I snatched her place after she left. He says no, it was your place, you got it back. She asks what about Harleen, she is your legal wife. She says I don’t know how will I face her. He goes. She says this is our reality. She cries.

Harleen wakes up in the morning and sees Alia. Alia hugs her. Nehmat looks on. Alia says mam told me that you have left us. Harleen says no, how could I leave you and go. Ekam comes. He asks are you okay, everyone is happy for you. He asks Alia to go to school. Nehmat gets Alia’s school uniform. Harleen says thanks for your help, I will make Alia ready for school, you can leave. Alia stops Nehmat. Nehmat says I m not going anywhere. Alia hugs her. Harleen looks on.

Alia comes back from school. Harleen hugs Alia and Tiger. She says I missed you a lot, I will get juice. Alia says I want a milkshake. Harleen says guess what I made in the food. She takes the kids and asks them to sit. Renuka and Cherry look on. Harleen shows the pizza. She says I have made this with love. Renuka says Harleen loves Alia a lot. Cherry asks what about Nehmat. Alia asks where is Mam. Harleen says she would be in the kitchen. She thinks how did Alia get close to Nehmat. Nehmat thinks of Alia. She gets a call from Rupy. She says I m okay, Harleen is also okay. He asks how are you, we are happy that Harleen is alive, what will you do now. She says we will see what to do when time comes. She ends call and cries.

Harleen is with Alia. Alia shows the doll. She says I like to keep this doll with me, I will go to Mam. Harleen asks why, I m back now, stay here. Alia says she sings lullaby every day. She runs out of the room. Ekam looks on. Harleen asks where are you going now, does she sing lullaby for you also. She says no one cares for me, you and Alia are avoiding me, how can you both forget me so soon. He says calm down, no one forgot you. She asks did Nehmat tell Alia that she is her real mom. He says no one told anything to Alia. She says she is my daughter, why is she going to Nehmat. He says she was in trauma after you left, Nehmat handled her, you came back, give her some time, its your house, everything will be fine, don’t overthink, I have to go for emergency. He gives her medicines and goes. She gets angry and says I know nothing will get fine, Nehmat wants to snatch my daughter, I know her well. She goes to Nehmat’s room. Nehmat makes Alia sleep. Harleen asks her to leave. She says I m Alia’s mom, I will handle her, you get out of here. She drags Nehmat and pushes her. Nehmat asks her to calm down. Harleen hurts her and asks her to leave quietly. She asks did you come back for Ekam, forget him, he is my husband. Renuka and Cherry come. Harleen gets dizzy. Nehmat worries and says we will talk later, you don’t take stress. Harleen says I don’t want your fake sympathy, I want my family, spare them, leave. She warns Nehmat. Renuka says listen to me, we will talk tomorrow morning. Harleen says no, you should have thrown her out, I will do it now. She pushes Nehmat. Ekam comes and holds Nehmat. He thinks I can’t see Nehmat’s insult, I have to tell Harleen about our marriage.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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