The second story of love… Part 3

hello is the next episode.


Next day prarthana gets ready while ranveer comes in a open car..

Ranveer:common..get in..

Prathana sits in car and ranveer drives..

Prathana:i always wished to go in open cars.. finally it happened..its so amazing.

Ranveer: this is my dad’s car. He use it when he goes for trip with his i took his permission and got it to have a fun with you..

Prathana smiles..

Prathana:thank you for spending time with me. And by the way..your dad is so cool i he enjoys outing even at this age.

Ranveer:yeah..he is a cool man.

They reach a beach and stops the car and ranveer enjoys the cool wind by standing on car while prathana enjoys by laying on door..

Ranveer:do you like this cool feeling?

Prathana:very much..its..its really feeling very nice.

Ranveer:then get up like me and feel will be like flying in cool breeze.

Prathana gets up but suddenly she slips and he holds her and they both meet with an eyelock..

Soon they realise their position and moves away and prathana ranveer enjoys the cool breeze by stretching her hands..

Meanwhile mahek comes to the same  beach with her friends..

Riya:after long came with us for outing orelse you always go with your hot boyfriend ranveer.

Mahek smiles..

Mahek:ranveer told that he is having some works today..thats why thought to spend time with you guys today.

Ishani: then lets enjoy our heart out we don’t know whether this day will come again or not as mahek will get busy with ranveer again.


Riya ishani and mahek goes and chills sitting in the wet mud wearing sunglasses and they don’t notice prathana and ranveer nearby..

Ranveer:now come..lets go and wet our legs.

They both go and enjoy wetting legs and suddenly prathana pushes ranveer down and laughs..

Prathana:haha..there won’t be fun without making fun of friends..

Ranveer:you!! Anyways..hold my hand na..i find difficult to wake up as water is immersing me with force

Ranveer forwards hands and prathana holds his hands and tries to pull up but to her shock ranveer pulls her making her fall on him and she gets drenched in water.. should always be tit for tat..

She tries to get up but ranveer holds her and makes her drenched in water more..

Ranveer: what’s so urgent now? You got wet enjoy the beach water with me..

Prathana:you naughty!!

They both enjoy nicely and suddenly mahek and her friends passes by and ishani gets stunned seeing prathana and ranveer..

Ishani shockingly:mahek!! You are a fool..

Mahek: what happened ishani?

Ishani:see there..your boyfriend is cheating you with other girl..

Ishani shows mahek ranveer and prathana enjoying in water while mahek gets stunned seeing them..

Mahek in mind:why did ranveer lie that he is going to help his Father in business to me? I know he tries to make prathana love that he wins the challenge but why did he lie to me? He could have said the truth that he is going to woo prathana..did he..did he fell for her? Ohh.. what a rubbish mind i have..he won’t do like that. But ill surely confront him for his lie tomorrow.

Riya:mahek..go and confront him of what he is doing..

Mahek:leave guys..ill confront him tomorrow as i know why he is with this girl.

Then mahek takes riya and ishani with her and goes while ranveer and prathana too goes after enjoying..

The next day in college ranveer meets mahek..

Ranveer:hey mahek..whats app..why are you looking dull?

Mahek:tell me the truth..are you making prathana fall for you or are you falling for her?

Ranveer gets stunned at her question..

Ranveer: what do you mean?

Mahek:i know yesterday you went to beach and enjoyed with prathana. But you lied to me yesterday morning that you are going to help your father in business.. what’s all this ranveer?

Ranveer holds her shoulders and consoles her..

Ranveer:mahek..iam sorry for lying. I lied because i don’t want you to become insecure..thats why. But..but i swear..i..i just spent time with prathana to make her fall for me.

Ranveer in mind:sorry my lord for lying again. I can’t tell that prathana is my friend to mahek as she doesn’t like her..

Mahek:are you telling truth?

Ranveer:yes..i promise on don’t get scared about our relationship with insecurity.

Ranveer in mind:again i faked my so sorry my lord.

Mahek hugs him while ranveer feels uncomfortable..

Ranveer in mind: what happened to me suddenly?why am i not..not comfortable with mahek’s hug? And even..i..i don’t feel like spending time with her like prathana..its so strange.

Later they leave for class and on evening prathana runs to ranveer and ranveer bets suprised..


Mahek bets stunned seeing her and she moves away and stares them..

Pdathana: ranveer.. tomorrow is my parent’s anniversary. So iam inviting you for the anniversary don’t forget to come.

Ranveer gets suprised and happy..

Ranveer:wow..its amazing. Iam excited to meet your family..i can forget eating but i won’t forget to attend your parent’s anniversary party. Don’t worry..ill come without fail.

Prathana smiles..

Prathana:thank you ranveer..ok bye..


Prathana goes while mahek comes to ranveer..


Ranveer:arrey she become friend..soon she will start love me and i will win the challenge and leave don’t get angry.

Mahek gets upset..

Mahek: I don’t know why..but i feel something wrong is going to happen.

Ranveer hugs her..

Ranveer: don’t worry.. nothing wrong will happen. Actually prathana invited me for her parents anniversary party..thats it.

Mahek: I’ll give up my challenge. I’ll accept that you won.. but please don’t go to her parents anniversary party. And please let go of her..i don’t feel secure.

Ranvver gets shocked..

Ranveer in mind: mahek’s challenge gave a reason to spend time with prathana..i can’t lose her friendship. Now what will i do?

Ranveer:no..its not about challenge. I can’t see someone rejecting me..i want to teach her a i will make her fall in love and break her heart.


Ranveer: don’t worry..i assure nothing wrong will go in our relationship.

Mahek palely smiles..

Mahek:ok..i trust you.

Ranveer in mind: ohh lord.. what all i should do for prathana’s friendship!!.

Next day ranveer goes to prathana’s house and anmol welcomes him..


Ranveer:iam prathana’s if you are her sister then same relation for me you can consider me as your bhai.

Anmol smiles..

Anmol:ok bhai.

Ranveer:where is prathana? We have to suprise aunty and uncle na..

Anmol:she is pissy..she makes time to get ready. should only go and bring her down orelse she will stick to her room atself..

Ranveer giggles and goes to prathana’s room while prathana is seen irritated..

Prathana: why do girls have these many problems? See boys enjoys wearing just a shirt and pant but we..have to wear good clothes..comb our hair..wear make up.. jewelleries..this and that.What a heck!! Now i am fed up of thinking what hair style should i do..

Suddenly ranveer laughs shocking prathana nd she turns and sees him..

Prathana:ranveer? When..when did you come?

Ranveer:just few minutes ago.. Anmol told you are getting i came here and saw how irritated you are.

Prathana:yes..i don’t know what hair style will suit me for this dress.. that’s why iam so guys habe no problem in place of dressing but we..

Ranveer: don’t worry..when iam there why do you worry? Ill help you with best hairstyle..

Prathanw gets suprised..

Prathana:you knew girl’s style too?

Ranveer:not much..but i know hair styling as i always help my sister for her hair styling since young.

Prathana: that’s so suprising..then please do a best style for me.


Ranveer combs and styles prathana’s hair while prathana smiles..

Soon he completes it and makes her look into the mirror..

Ranveer:how is it? Do you like it?

Prathana:yeah..its so nice..thank you so much.

Ranveer:we are helping you is my duty. And moreover no sorries and thanks in friendship..

Prathana:acha..ok..ill do make up now.

Prathana puts make up while ranveer guides her in correct way..

Finally prathana gets ready and she smiles..

Prathana: finally i got ready.. without your help i wouldn’t have got ready today.. anyways how am i looking?

Ranveer gets smitten seeing her..

Prathana shakes ranveer..

Prathana: what happened? Where are you lost?

Ranveer smiles palely:i..nowhere.. look beautiful.

Prathana blushes while ranveer gets confused..

Ranveer in mind: what happened to me suddenly? Why did i get attracted to prathana suddenly?

Prathana takes ranveer with her..

Prathana:lets go and suprise my parents..they should be hell suprised seeing my decorations.

Ranveer:they will surely get suprised as you decorated in such a way that even virat kohli and Anushka sharma would nver celebrated such an anniversary.

Prathana:hey.. everyone gives examples of Shahrukh Khan..salman khan..akshay kumar but you are giving example of virat kohli and Anushka sharma..

Ranveer:iam great fan of virat kohli. So i take his name in every occasions and sports..

Prathana laughs and ranveer smiles seeing her laughter..

Then later anmol brungs pratha and Rishabh with closed eyes..

Anmol:ready..3…2…1…here you go..

She leaves her hands from their eyes and rishabh pratha gets stunned seeing the decorations and cake near them..

Ranveer prathana anmol in chorus:happy anniversary maa..papa/uncle..aunty..

Pratha and rishabh smiles..

Rishabh: what a suprise!!! Thank you my children for this beautiful suprise..i never expected this.

Pratha:even me too..

Anmol hugs her parents and..

Anmol:its your 25 th can we not celebrate this quarter century anniversary? Happy 25 th anniversary my dear parents

Pratha and rishabh smiles and then prathana hugs them and wishes..

Prathana:wish you both a happy 25 th anniversary muma..papa..

Rishabh:thank you my baby girl. You are always our lucky charm of our love..

Anmol:what? Then me?

Rishabh: my jealousy are always our cutest daughter ever. No one can replace you..

Anmol smiles and they four hug while ranveer smiles seeing them and he takes their pic..

Ranveer: what a beautiful family..let no evil eye cast on you guys.

They part ways and rishabh hugs ranveer..

Rishabh:i wished to meet you again after culturals but couldn’t get time. But happy to meet you again..and thanks for coming for our party.

Ranveer:iam prathana’s friend and moreover your fan uncle.. so wouldn’t i come?

Thwy all laugh..

Ranveer: anyways.. happy anniversary to both of you uncle and aunty..

Pratha:thank you beta.

Prathana cut the cake both of you..

Pratha and rishabh cut the cake and feed each other..

Then they feed prathana anmol and ranveer happily..

Later pratha takes a piece of cake and feeds ranveer..

Ranveer:huh? Its aunty and d uncle anniversary only right? Is it yours too?

Prathana hits him..

Prathana: don’t joke badly..its really bad. Iam your i want to feed you the cake which i made.

Ranveer gets suprised..

Ranveer:you made the cake.. wow. Then feed me..

Prathana feeds ranveer and ranveer too feeds her back..

Prathana:how is it?

Ranveer:its.. really amazing. I never expected you are a cook..

Anmol: what? I thought you will faint bhai..but you are complimenting her?

Prathana hits anmol..

Prathana:shut up ok.. don’t get jealous as i make cake better than you.

Anmol frowns..

Anmol:its okay..i agree iam bad at cook. But that doesn’t mean iam always bad. One day i will cook more better than you and show.

Ranveer:ill support my sister.

Anmol:thank you bhai.

Prathana:waah!! My sister and my friend joined hands..anyways..lets see.. whether you will succeed or not.

Anmol:fine..lets see.

Rishabh and pratha laughs at their fun and rishabh whispers to pratha..

Rishabh: now the children’s are busy. Well go backyard and spend some romantic time together.. what say my queen?

Pratha blushes but hits him..

Pratha:shut up will look so awkward. You never waste a time to romance..but today keep quiet for children’s sake atleast.

Rishabh giggles..

Rishabh: today is our anniversary then how will i waste time? are not interested to celebrate our anniversary i guess..

Before he completes tge sentence pratha kisses his cheeks without anyone’s knowledge..

She immediately moves away and smiles while rishabh blushes..

Pratha: think before you talk ok..if children’s weren’t there here..i would have locked you in room and romanced you..

Rishabh:fine..i agree..i won. My queen is always my queen..

They both giggle and suddenly ranveer announces..

Ranveer: what’s the party without dance? Let’s celebrate the rishabh uncle and pratha aunty’s anniversary with dance party..

He switches on the music and anmol pushes pratha and rishabh to dance and soon they start dancing romantically..

Anmol starts her solo dance..

Ranveer: dancing alone?

Anmol:yeah..i like to dance alone. There is a lot of fun in dancing alone..


Then ranveer comes to prathana who is standing alone and extends his hands..

Ranveer:come..lets dance together..i guess you are bored standing alone.


Ranveer: don’t hesitate..we are nothing is wrong in dancing together.

Prathana then holds his hands and they both dance together..

Kittiyan Ne Tu Bewafaiyan
Pyaar Diyan Kadar’an Na Paaiyan
Kittiyan Ne Tu Bewafaiyan
Pyaar Diyan Kadar’an Na Paaiyan

Tainu Rusan Ni Dena Yaara
Kise Haal Ve Ki Ki Rahi Sochdi

Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi
Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi

Ranveer and Prathana get lost in each other and they start to dance more passionately..

Jad Tu Nahi Si Mileya Ve Main
Ohdo Vi Saa Jeondi
Pata Hunda Jeh Injh Karni Tu
Soch Samjh Ke Laundi

Jad Tu Nahi Si Mileya Ve Main
Ohdo Vi Saa Jeondi
Pata Hunda Je Injh Karni Tu
Soch Samjh Ke Laundi

Tainu Pucheya Ni Yaara Kade
Koyi Vi Sawaal Khud Nu Rahi Kosdi

Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi
Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi
Main Ni Rokdi

Kalli Na Mainu Samjhi Tu
Mere Naal Khuda Ae Mera
Andron Bunty Hor Tu Uparon
Hor Chehra Ae Tera

Kalli Na Mainu Samjhi Tu
Mere Naal Khuda Ae Mera
Andron Bunty Hor Tu Uparon
Hor Chehra Ae Tera

Jehdi Mere Naal Khed Geyo
Tu Chaal Ve Daaru Bani Hosh Di

Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaunda

Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi
Mainu Chadd Ke Je Rehna Chaune
Gaira Naal Ve Ja Ja Main Ni Rokdi..
Main Ni Rokdi

Once the dance is over ranveer realises what he did and feels guilty..

Ranveer in mind:ohh gosh!! What did i do? I..i danced very romantically with prathana.. what will she think of me? And how did i forget about mahek at that moment and got lost in prathana? Lord.. what’s happening with me??

Prathana too feels guilty..

Prathana in mind:ohh godd.. what happened to me suddenly?why did i get lost in ranveer and danced with him like that? He..he is that girl’s can i..i shamelessly dance romantically with him?

They both faced guilty to face each other and finally ranveer bids goodbye to gujrals..

Rishabh:meet us often ranveer..we are so happy for your arrival. And we will always wait for you to visit us..

Ranveer smiles:thank you uncle..iam lucky to get such a good family. I will surely visit.

Ranveer hugs anmol and he looks prathana with guilt while prathana too looks him guilty..

Ranveer:ok..bye..prathana..we in co.. college..


Ranveer goes while gujrals rejoice pratha and rishabh’s anniversary..

Some days later..

Ranveer was seen walking on road and rain starts pouring down and he was walking on the road lost and suddenly he sees prathana smiling in front of him..


She smiles winking her eyes and ranveer slowly smiles and he was about to touch her face but she vanishes and ranveer realises that she was his imagination..

Ranveer in mind: what is happening with me? Why am i hallucinating prathana nowadays?

He gets restless and goes to his house and on next day (sunday) after going jogging he goes near his house and gets suprised to see prathana playing with puppy..

He goes near her..

Ranveer:hai prathana.. here?

Ranveer:hey..the house which is near you is mhy home. And the puppy which you are holding is my pet Azy.

Prathana gets suprised..

Prathana: actually i was passing by this way after meeting my friend..and suddenly this puppy cane out so i was playing with it..its really so cute.

Ranveer: actually iam suprised that its bonding with you as it doesn’t vet along with any just scares everyone by barking like big dogs.

Prathana:maybe your azy likes me..

She plays with it while Ranveer smiles seeing prathana’s cute behaviour and takes selfie with her along with pet..

Ranveer:i always thought to take photo with you but at last i took it along with my both look so cute.

Prathana smiles and suddenly Ranveer’s parents Seema and Lalit raichand comes there and gets suprised seeing prathana.. she prathana who you was talking about?

Prathana gets suprised learning that ranveer used to talk about her..

Ranveer:yes did you find her just like that?

Seema:you told that she looks cute and chubby.. that’s how i guessed.

Prathana gets impressed with Ranveer’s character and then she goes and touches seema’s feet..

Prathana: please bless me aunty..

Seema holds her and makes her stand up..

Seema: Ranveer used to tell a lot about you and he always praises you..i wished to see you once..and finally it happened. You are like my my blessings will be always there with you.

Lalit:yes beta..

Mahek is seen standing behind a wall and overhears the conversation and gets angry..

Mahek in mind: i thought to visit ranveer today..but now i got to know his reality. If ranveer really just wooes her then why is he talking about only her in his house? And today he have brought Prathana to his house which is not needed to succeed his motive..but he is going in some other way. I will really confront him tomorrow..and this old stuff prathana is trying to steal my ranveer..i will never spare her if she did it.

Mahek goes away angrily while seema lalit ranveer and Prathana were talking..

Lalit: please come in beta..have some coffee with us. are her friend right.. can’t you invite her in?

Ranveer:sorry..i forgot as we got busy with azy. Prathana.. please come in..

Prathana:its okay aunty.. actually i am going for shopping with my family will visit your house next time for sure.

Ranveer:if you don’t come then ill bring you directly from college..

Prathana: don’t worry..ill surely come.

Prathana bids bye to raichands and goes while raichands goes in and ranveer goes to his room and seema lalit discusses..

Lalit:she seems so caring and good.. would have been nice if ranveer loved her instead of mahek. I don’t know why..but i feel mahek will bring some disaster to our lives..

Lalit holds her and comforts her..

Lalit: don’t worry.. nothing bad will happen. Whatever is Ranveer’s Destiny will be in good way only..

They go their room while ranveer lies down on bed and thinks about prathana and he imagines prathana playing cute with azy and smiles..

Ranveer in mind: how cutely she looked while playing with azy..i wish i could see her face every second.. iam always thinking her and missing her..i don’t know why.

Soon ranveer sleeps and suddenly he dreams of having romantic rain dance with prathana..

Jina Tenu Ve Main Chavan Marjaneya
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu

Jinna Tainu Ve Main Chavan Marjaneya
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu

Crush Nahio Mera Ve
Tu Mera Saccha Pyaar Ae
Samajh Ch Aave Na
Tu Samajh Cho Baahar Ae

Crush Nahio Mera Ve
Tu Mera Saccha Pyaar Ae
Samajh Ch Aave Na
Tu Samajh Ton Baahar Ae

Haye Samajh Ton Baahar Ae
Ki Aakhan Methon Ho Gayi Bor Nu

Jina Tainu Ve Main Chavan Marjaneya
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu

Link Up Channa Tera Hor Kise Naal Ve
Puchhe Na Tu Puchhe Na Tu Hun Sadda Haal Ve
Haye Hun Sadda Haal Ve
Sune Na Haukeyan De Shor Nu

Jina Tenu Ve Main Chavan Marjaneya
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu

Haye Dede Mainu Dede Ve
Closer Tu Haniya
Bains Bains Hor Na
Sajavaan Saiyan Janiyan

Haye Dede Mainu Dede Mainu
Closer Tu Haniya
Bains Bains Hor Na
Sajavaan Saiyan Janiyan

Sajavaan Saiyan Janiyan
Gareeb’an De Ki Vekhe Zor Nu

Jina Tenu Ve Main Chavan Marjaneya
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu
Tu Onna Chavein Kise Hor Nu

After sometime ranveer wakes up stunned..

Ranveer in mind:arrey.. what’s this? Why am i feeling like this for prathana? And why am i always thinking.. hallucinating and dreaming her? And that too in romantic way… nowadays iam not even thinking about mahek..

Suddenly mahek calls and ranveer attends her call..


Mahek:ranveer..can you come to Kids park nearby your home..i need to meet you now.


Ranveer meets mahek and mahek cries shouting him shocking ranveer..

Mahek: you lied to me that you are just wooing her for teaching her a lesson..but i saw the have fallen for you don’t love me at all..

Ranveer gets stunned and tries to hold her shoulder but she pushes away..

Mahek: don’t touch betrayer..

Ranveer:you are misunderstanding mahek..i really love you..i..iam really wooing her just for teaching her a lesson..

Mahek:if i should believe you..then swear on me and tell that you are having relation with her only for that motive.

Ranveer gets stunned..


Mahek:why are you stumbling? Tell me..

Ranveer couldn’t bear it nd he bursts out..

Ranveer: yes..i consider her as friend.. I don’t have motive of making her fall for me and break her heart. First i started relation with her with that motive but I realised that she is too good and innocent amd i can’t hurt her like that..

Mahek claps her hand in evil manner..

Mahek: i was right are cheating me because of that old stuff girl. I won’t leave her for trying to steal someone’s boyfriend.

Ranveer gets angry and Shouts..

Ranveer:shut up don’t have any rights to get angry on her..and don’t dare to insult or harm her. And moreover..i am just friend of just get it in your mind.

Mahek:see now also you show your concern for her but not showing any love to don’t know how i feel when you dint spend time with me nowadays..but you was enjoying with her. I really felt like burning her alive..

Ranveer gets angry and slaps her..

Ranveer:shut up mahek.. don’t cross your limits. I can’t do anything if you feel insecure of me..i told she is my friend but you are just dragging the issue as if iam cheating you with her..

Mahek cries and..

Mahek:so you slapped me for her na..

Mahek cries running while ranveer gets dull and runs behind her..


She runs on road and ranveer follows her and suddenly a truck hits ranveerand he falls down in pool pf blood while mahek gets shocked seeing it..

Mahek runs to ranveer..


She immediately calls ambulance and admits him in hospital and informs Ranveer’s family and they rush to hospital and they see him through icu door and cry..

Seema: what wrong did my child do? Why did he punish him like this?

Lalit:control seema..we should be strong enough to give support to ranveer..our positivity only can make him better.

Ranveer’s sister Eisha comes there crying..


Seema goes to mahek and..

Seema:mahek..he came to meet you right? How the accident happened?

Mahek gets scared..

Mahek in mind:how can i tell the truth? Iam the reason for his accident..i can’t get blamed..i will lie.

Mahek:ac.. actually..aft..after our meet..we..were turning go back..and that’s when..when truck hi..hit him..

Seema doubts mahek but doesn’t show it out..

Seema:ok..thanks for bringing him on time.

Seema goes to lalit and Eisha and shares her doubt..

Seema:i find mahek doubtful..when i asked her about accident..her voice was stammering..i think my guess is right..she is a disaster in Ranveer’s life.

Lalit:seema..lets Focus on Ranveer’s recovery first then lets thinka about her.

Suddenly prathana and her family comes there shocking mahek and others get suprised seeing them..

Seema:prathana beta!! is ranveer? What happened to him?

Seema cries: he met with accident beta. We don’t about his results as doctors are still treating him..

Pratha:ji..iam prathana’s mother pratha. Don’t worry ranveer is like our son..we will pray for him..he will surely recover.

Seema: thanks for providing support for us..

Rishabh: its our duty to be there with you guys as ranveer is like our son be strong.

Mahek looks them and frowns..

Mahek in mind: to hell with this prathana..she is behaving as if she is his girlfriend. I should not have trusted this old stuff girl and challenged ranveer..old stuff girls are dangerous than modern girls. She trapped my ranveer..and today ranveer met with accident only due to her..if she hadn’t come in between us..this wouldn’t have happened.

Suddenly doctor comes out lalit and rishabh goes near him..

Lalit: my son fine?

Doctor gets dull and..

Doctor:mr. Raichand..he is safe and fine but..


Doctor:he got paralysed due to the accident..he can’t walk.

Everyone gets stunned and mahek gets hell shocked..

precap:- Ranveer and prathana confesses their love. Mahek vows to take revenge..


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