Suhaagan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish and Bindiya save the akhand Jyoot

Suhaagan 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya putting ghee in the diya. Indu brings Payal there. Payal smiles. Bindiya sits in the temple. She sees Indu coming there and asks if you need something. Indu says I came to inform you that it is Payal’s responsibility to take care of Diya. Bindiya says Payal couldn’t be awake all night. Payal thinks how I will do it? Indu says when you can be awake then why can’t Payal. She asks why you underestimate others, and says I will take decisions of the house, and don’t take my decisions lightly. Bindiya says Payal will get sleepy and couldn’t take care of diya. Krish comes there and says Payal can do anything. Payal says I will do whatever Aunty tells me. Krish asks her to call her Mummy. Indu nods her head. Payal says I will never disappoint you, and says thanks me for accepting me. She touches her feet and smirks seeing Bindiya. Bindiya gets teary eyes. Krish says you are not needed here also, please go from here. Bindiya is teary eyes and leaves from there. Payal thinks change my name if I don’t throw you out from here. bindiya goes. Krish asks Payal not to take tension and says you will do it easily. Payal is watching videos and shots in her mobile and laughs. She thinks to rest for sometime, but then thinks if she rests then she will sleep. She messages Krish to meet her. Krish is sleeping in Baldev’s room. Bindiya couldn’t sleep and prays to Ambe Maa, and thinks she can’t trust Payal, and this puja is Babu ji’s mannat so I have to go and check. Payal thinks who is coming here. Bindiya comes there and looks at the diya. Payal keeps hand on her shoulder and says my sasumaa has given me this responsibility and I will fulfill it. Bindiya says I had come to see Akhand Jyoot. Payal asks her to talk to Krish and says she will call her. Bindiya asks her to stop acting and says you love Krishna ji, then why you trouble him. She asks if your love is selfish like it was with me. Payal asks her to stop it and leave from there. Bindiya says I have come to see the akhand jyoot as I don’t trust you even a bit. She goes. Payal comes and thinks it is so tiring, I will sleep for 5 mins. She covers herself with bedsheet and sleeps. Krish wakes up and finds the jug empty. He goes out and sees the akhand jyoot about to set off. He comes running and asks Payal to wake up. Payal wakes up. He asks her to bring the ghee and put it in the akhand jyoot. Payal drops the ghee can on the floor. Krish puts the ghee kept in the aarti plate. Payal steps on the fallen ghee and falls down badly. Krish couldn’t help her get up as the akhand jyoot was about to set off and he is holding it with his hand. Baldev wakes up and thinks if Krish went to Payal’s room. He comes out of his room. Bindiya comes there and keeps hand on the akhand jyoot.

Krish looks at her and then runs to Payal. He makes her sit down. Bindiya comes to Payal and asks it seems you fell down badly. Payal blames her for being happy seeing her hurt and says I love you and you don’t love or trust me. She says you said that I couldn’t take care of it, then you let the ghee can open, so that it slip from my hand, and then you came to check the ghee to become great in everyone’s sight. She continues to blame her. Bindiya says you should have taken care of Akhand Jyoot by staying awake and you had slept, and tells Krishna that he showed trust on herm but if he had not come and if I wouldn’t have come, then what would have happen. Baldev hears them from far. Krish tells Payal that it is just a ritual, but a big responsibility and says if you couldn’t do it, then I would have given responsibility to someone else. Payal says I was awake and slept for 2 mins. Krish asks her what is the use to give justification, and asks her to go and change her clothes. Payal goes from there.

Bindiya tells Krish that this Akhand Jyoot is related to Babu ji’s devotion and trust and says I shall take care of it, and if you think that someone else shall stay there, then its ok. Krish says do whatever you want and goes.

Bindiya prays to Ganapati bappa and says Jai Shri Ganesh. Baldev comes to his room, but falls on the table. Krish holds him and shouts Papa. Bindiya hears Krish shouting Papa and runs from there. Krish says I told you many times, not to get up from bed. Bindiya comes there and asks Babu ji if you are fine. Baldev says he is just feeling weak. Krish says I will not leave you alone for even a second and asks Bindiya to go and take care of Akhand Jyoot.

Precap: Bindiya seeks Bappa’s blessings to fight for her rights. Krish gives her divorce papers. Bindiya tears it and throws it on the floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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