Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi asks everyone to accept Pratiksha as his wife

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jahan says she’s my wife. She will live here as my wife. Everyone is shocked. He says that room was never Kaviya’s. It was mine and now it’s Pratiksha’s. He says I filled your hairline in anger the first time. Today I filled it with all my will. I want be faithful to this marriage. Pratiksha is my wife. Everyone is shocked. Kaivya leaves in anger. Manvi says my daughter will die, she goes after her. Kaviya comes in her room in anger. Manvi asks are you okay? She says can’t you see my condition? Mandip called me her life. Today I am treated like a stranger here. Ravi brought that Pratiksha back here. My heart is torne into pieces. Manvi says I understand. She says you don’t. I am much better that Pratiksha. I am so special. She’s nothing in front of me. Why is Ravi treating me like this then? Why is this happening? Manvi says you’re the best. Ravi’s choice has a shortcoming. He has lowered his standard. Manvi says don’t cry Kaviya. You’re perfect. kaviya says Ravi doesn’t like good things? Why am I ready then? I don’t want to look good. She rubs her face. Manvi says don’t cry. You’re perfect. You’re not weak. I promise you I will be able to fix everything for you.

Dolly says wow Ravi was so filmy today. She says to Mandip you said Ravi wouldn’t ever do it. He filled her hairline. Mandip says you’ve made a joke out of my motherhood. You stood with the girl who risked our lives. You’ve ashamed me in front of everyone. Ravi says I proved you right. You asked me to do the right thing. You asked to fix things so I did that. Mandip says don’t sweet talk me. Ravi says I married Pratiksha. She’s my wife. That’s the truth. I had to accept her as my wife. I will give her all the rights she deserves. I should have fixed all this long ago. Mandip says what about my feelings? He says you’re my everything. If I didn’t marry Kaviya all this rift wouldn’t be here. I was forced by her to marry her. She blackmailed me with her suicide. Could I live with her as a toy all my life? Relationships are made with love not blackmailing. I can’t live like her pawn. Pratiksha is my wife, everyone will have to accept her. He says to chachi am I right? Hana says you are my son. You’re a perfect son. Mandip leaves in anger. Biji says I will go see Mandip. Pratiksha touches Amar and Biji’s feet. Biji says everything will be perfect now. Amar says proud of you son.

Ravi says to Hansa I am sorry about what happened. I should have said something when police was taking Pratiksha. I was in shock. I will always stand her like a husband should. I will do something now that I should have done way before. Hansa says I am sorry about what I said. They leave. Kinjal goes with them. Ravi says to Pratiksha you still have this ego on your face. You still didn’t ask me for help. We’ve to make this marriage work. Pratiksha smiles.

Scene 2
Mandip thinks about what Ravi said. Biji says don’t overthink. Mandip says overthink? Biji says have water and calm down. She says I can’t calm down. My son was my pride. She shattered my pride. He says thinks that girl is right. I always stood with him at every step. I always loved him more than myself. I never called him wrong. Biji says it’s about his life. He’s an adult now, he’s married now. He has to be a responsible son but husband as well. He loves you a lot. But he has a wife too. Ravi is right. Amar is doing the same. He’s being a husband, father and son at the same time. Mandip says I am talking about pain of a mother. No one understands. Leave me alone. She goes in and cries.

Pratiksha says to Ravi why did you do all this? I never thought you’d go against your family for me or fill my hairline or call me your wife. He says you don’t like it? She says no I don’t. Pratiksha says why did you do all this? He says because I like you Pratiksha. He says I stood up with my wife and marriage. This is my responsibility. Kinjal comes there. She says chachi was so happy. Ravi says to Pratiksha do whatever you like or want in this house. I am always with you. Even if you want it or not. Kinjal says I am so proud of you jiju. Pratiksha hugs her.

Episode ends

Precap-Kaviya says I love you a lot Ravi. He says I dont’ love you. Keep that in mind. Kaviya says you will all see a new Kaviya from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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