Parineeti 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Police comes to look for Neeti

Parineeti 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari thinks about Neeti telling her she’s live without her. Neeti is locked in the room. Pari comes outside that room. Pari cries. She recalls what Neeti said on the call. Chandrika comes there. She tries to console Pari. Pari says Neeti is mad at me. She doesn’t even wanna talk to me. Chandrika says she will understand. Pari says we promised each other that we will be there at each other’s weddings. Chandrika says people change with time. Pari says they are both mad at me. I don’t know if they’d forgive me. Chandrika says don’t cry. She caresses her.

Neeti sees the room is one fire. She screams. Neeti tries to go out but she’s tied. Sanju gets caught my the goons. The start fighting. Sanju provocates them. They fight with each other. Rakesh says to Salojna I told you wedding would happen today only. She says how. Rakesh tells her the plan. She says you kidnapped Sanju and Neeti. He says they were not letting me marry Pari. I did what was right. Salojna says sanju and Neeti wont’ sit down. They will tell everyone what you did. Sanju will get the truth of DNA as well. Rakesh says I will says Sanju loves Pari so he’s making stories. Neeti is what I am worried about. Salojna says Neeti wont sit down. Rakesh says i will prove to pari neeti planned all this. Rakesh says I am learning from you. jai says i feel bad for Neeti. Rakesh says don’t worry about herr.

Scene 2
Pari comes to the mandap. Rakesh also comes. police comes. pami says sorry inspector you were right. We just spoke to Neeti. She said she’s out with Sanju. Inspector says no she must have said it in pressure. The truth is that she’s in this house. We’ve to search for her. Everyone is shocked. Alavat’s wife says Rakesh must have done something. Rakesh comes to Pari and says police is here looking for you. They faint her. The lamp is on fire. Neeti can’t speak. Rakesh and Jai leave. They put her back on the seat. Rakesh says tkae her to the roof. Police won’t come there. Jai says if she falls we will say she slipped there.

Pari says we looked everywhere. She’s nowhere. They look for her everywhere. salojna is worried. Rakeesh and Jai take Neeti to the terrace. They hide her behind the water tank. Jai says let’s go. Neeti is fainted behind the water tank. Alavat asks Rakesh what’s going on? He says nothing. Alavat asks where is Neeti? He says I don’t know. Alavat says don’t lie to me. Salojna asks Rakesh did you hide Neeti? Inspector is looking for her. jai says we should stay with the police. Gurinder is worried for Sanju and Neeti. She wonders why is bebe talking to Rakesh so much. Pari says we didn’t check the roof. let me show you. She takes them upstairs. Rakesh is scared. He goes with them. They look around on the roof. Neeti is hidden behind the water tank.

Episode ends

Precap-Pami says if she was traced from this house, where did she go? Inspector says they must have shifted her elsewhere. Chandrika sayss out house is on fire. Pari sees Neeti there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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