Neerja 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja visits Abir’s office

Neerja 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munmun and Kaushik engrossed in a conversation about the family. Bijya insists that it’s time to reveal the actual condition of Abir to everyone. Pratima appears upset and tense, but Neerja tries to console her. In the meantime, Bappan arrives with a solution that could free Neerja, but Pratima firmly asserts that Neerja won’t be going anywhere. However, the guy assures them to trust him.

Meanwhile, Abir, Dada ji, and Abir’s brother arrive at the company for a meeting. Abir’s brother advises him to maintain a cheerful demeanor during the meeting and afterward, they plan to meet Trisha at the ghat. Abir agrees and puts on a smile as they all proceed to the meeting room.

Neerja and Bappan also arrive at the same office. Abir’s dada ji instructs Kaushik to conclude the meeting quickly, but Kaushik has bigger plans in mind. Meanwhile, Bappan and Neerja have a conversation at the cafe. Bappan tries to impress Neerja with his grand gestures, but Neerja questions his motives and leaves.

Back at the company, Abir is about to sign the deal when Munmun plays the music, reminding him of Trisha. Abir leaves the meeting, stating that Trisha is calling him. At the same time, Neerja reflects on her past traumatic experience in the brothel, feeling disturbed. Abir approaches her and senses her presence, surprising Neerja. Bijay signals her to stay calm, and Abir talks rudely to Bijay before Neerja intervenes. She advises him to respect his father and threatens to leave if he doesn’t. Abir agrees to listen to his father, and the meeting resumes. Bijay ponders whether Neerja could be the solution to Abir’s problem and expresses gratitude to her.

Neerja reminisces about her childhood, where Bijay promised to help her. She seeks his assistance, reminding him of his promise. Bijay assures her that he will help but asks her to wait until his meeting is over. Meanwhile, Abir successfully seals the deal, pleasing Bijay but upsetting Kaushik.

On the other hand, Bappan continues to pursue Neerja, pressuring her to marry him. The manager tries to intervene, leading to a confrontation. Neerja decides to leave the place, and Bappan follows her. Abir and Bijay arrive at the scene, and Abir becomes anxious upon not finding Neerja. The manager informs them about Neerja’s departure, and Bijay promises to find her. Abir stays behind while Bijay goes after Neerja. Bijay spots Bappan chasing Neerja on the streets, and she stops upon seeing him. However, a car arrives and takes Neerja away, with Diddun inside. Neerja tries to explain that Bappan was responsible, but Diddun understands and decides to head to the temple for blessings before taking any major action. Neerja feels worried.

Pre cap: Neerja is compelled to prepare for a dance, feeling emotionally vulnerable and defeated. However, Abir arrives to protect her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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