Neerja 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Didun threatens Bijoy

Neerja 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateAbir performs aarti. Didun sees him and realizes Abir is cured. Abir sees Neerja isn’t part of the aarti and is standing aside. Abir walks to her and says what are you doing here, come with me you are a family, you should be part of the aarti and you are the reason I could crack the project. Neerja denies. Abir insists and holds her hand and takes her with him for the aarti. Pishi Maa doesn’t like to see Abir with Neerja. Abir takes aarti from Kaushik and gives it to Neerja. Neerja prays to God to solve her problems. Didun looks at Neerja and says Abir is the reason you got all these guts to stand against me but today everyone here will learn their reason.
Everyone gossip about Abir and Neerja. Pishi Maa gets angry hearing everyone talk about Neerja and asks Laltu and others to join Neerja for the aarti. Neerja stepsback. Everyone thinks Neerja is amongst the staff. Neerja feels bad.

Didun walks in. Neerja and others shocked to see her. Didun walks to Bijoy and congratulates and says its so unfair you didn’t tell me about Abir after all we were in a deal, did you all forget. Didun tells Abir about Neerja and Abir’s fake marriage and says now I will take my girl with me. Didun walks to Neerja. Neerja begs her not to take her. Didun says you shouldn’t have hide the truth now lets go back to your reality Sonagachi and now you will be part of the brothel. Neerja realizes she is just dreaming. Didun says to Neerja are you scared and walks to Abir. Neerja panics seeing Abir and Didun talk.

Maheshwari takes leave. Abir sees Neerja tensed and says take aarti may be God sent me to solve all your problems. Neerja runs upstairs.
Didun walks to Bijoy. Bijoy says lets take this outside. Neerja remembers the day when she was almost sold and says Didun must have created a scene downstairs and told Abir the truth and will take me away.

Bijoy says to Didun, filthy people like you aren’t allowed in my house. Didun says don’t forget you brought this filth on your own. Bijoy says it’s a good day today, don’t ruin this day. Didun says lower down your tone, if I come down to my tone, I will go inside and reveal the truth and your reputation will be in drains. Bijoy says go inside and tell the truth, you think you have any proofs no you don’t and you are shameless woman with no standards and all will believe me and not you and I don’t care about you and leave before I throw you out. Didun says to Bijoy, you can fool me but I have just seen Abir falling for Abir. Bijoy says its just Abir’s kindness and you will never understand that. Didun says the day Abir will confess his love, then I will see what you will do, and this filth will take advantage of this situation and when I will take Neerja away with me, I won’t let him even a glimpse of Neerja and then what will you do when Abir will go mad for Neerja and I promise you, you will loose your son again. Bijoy about to answer back. Abir walks to them.

Abir tells Bijoy, Pishi Maa is looking for him. Didun calls Abir son in law and says you performed aarti so well,. Abir asks her if she is Trisha’s relative. Bijoy says she is leaving come with me Abir. Didun says I am Neerja’s mother, I mean she is from my orphanage and I called you son in law by mistake. Abir says Neerja is very sweet and is very unique. Didun says Abir is so sweet and talented, talks so well and praises my girl so much and says take me to my Neerja. Abir says sure come with me. Didun promises to make Bijoy beg for his son in her feet and leaves.

Didun walks to Neerja. Neerja gets scared. DIdun says we are done with this drama.

Pre cap: Didun says Neerja tomorrow come to Sonagachi and you will learn a truth your mother hide from you for years.
Neerja reaches Sonagachi. Didun calls police and they arrest Protima in drugs smuggling case.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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