Bebika Dhurve talks Elvish Yadav’s win and potential Bigg Boss 17 stint

Bebika Dhurve talks Elvish Yadav’s win and potential Bigg Boss 17 stint

Bebika Dhurve, who captivated audiences during her stint on Bigg Boss OTT 2, stepped into the public eye after the exhilarating grand finale. The actress engaged with photographers and candidly discussed her journey on the show, her encounter with Abhishek Malhan in the hospital, Elvish’s triumph, and more.

Reflecting on her voyage within the Bigg Boss house, Bebika candidly expressed, “My journey proved to be a significant challenge; it was personally quite demanding for me.” When questioned about her hospital visit with Abhishek Malhan, Bebika shared, “Meeting him brought a sense of relief. His health had taken an unexpected downturn, which greatly concerned me. I felt compelled to visit him, especially since the hospital was in close proximity. Upon entering his room, he was discharged shortly after, so we had a brief yet meaningful conversation. Following our interaction, he and his family were preparing to return to Delhi.”

Bebika further commented on her post-show plans, stating, “I intend to defer celebrations for now. My focus is currently centered on spending quality time with my family and beloved dog. Once I’ve reconnected with my parents and indulged in cherished moments, I will certainly consider hosting a celebratory gathering. The first individuals I reunited with after exiting the house were my parents and my loyal canine companion.”

Describing her post-show experience, Bebika shared, “The past few days have been a welcomed period of tranquility and relaxation. I am finally relishing moments with my family and embracing leisurely time with my faithful dog. This journey of mine has left a profound impact, and I’m still processing the realization that if I, as an ordinary individual, could navigate this path and emerge as a finalist, then anyone possesses the potential to do the same.”

Regarding a potential reunion with her fellow contestants, Bebika noted, “Regrettably, I couldn’t attend the birthday celebration. Many of my peers have returned to their hometowns. However, when schedules align and circumstances permit, a reunion is certainly on the horizon. As of now, it appears unlikely to transpire in the immediate future.”

Commenting on the prospects of participating in Bigg Boss 17, Bebika expressed, “I’m uncertain whether the audience desires my presence or not. If the public expresses interest in my participation, I would earnestly contemplate it. Yet, the outcome remains uncertain; our season’s success may prove challenging to replicate.”

When the topic of Elvish’s victory over Abhishek arose, Bebika shared her perspective, “Prior to Elvish’s entry, the general sentiment within the house leaned towards Abhishek’s impending victory. However, upon interacting with Elvish, both Pooja ma’am and I found his personality to exude strength and exuberance. Our interactions were cordial and he displayed a level of maturity. While I empathize with Abhishek’s situation, the ultimate determination rested on their respective strengths, and Elvish emerged as the stronger contender.”

Bebika also addressed Manisha’s place in the Top 3, expressing, “Throughout the season, Manisha proved to be a steadfast friend, despite the inevitable ups and downs we encountered. Personally, I am eager to maintain our friendship and continue this bond. The decision ultimately rests with Manisha in terms of how she wishes to proceed.”


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