Agnisakshi 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika shares her doubt with Manas

Agnisakshi 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satvik coming closer to Jeevika and tying her seat belt. He asks what did you think? He says seat belt or pant belt are both important, accident can happen. He drives off. Manas asks Rajnandini if she is waiting for someone. Rajnandini says no. Satvik and jeevika come there. Rajnandini says welcome, and asks Jeevika to come with her. Jeevika goes with her. Manas teases Satvik and asks if he is ready to do this job for Jeevika. Satvik says he is ready for forever, lifetime and after that also. He goes. Manas thinks to talk to Jeevika. Rajnandini asks Jeevika, why did she allow Satvik to stay in her house. Jeevika says she didn’t allow him, he himself came. Rajnandini asks did you tell him that you love him. Jeevika says I will not tell him, and will not give him false hopes which will hurt him later. Rajnandini asks her to break his heart and made him feel that she hates him. Jeevika refuses. Pallavi thinks when Satvik can give 2000 Rs for school picnic then he can give her much more. Pradeep comes there and asks what you are murmuring. He gives her money to pay Jhanvi’s school fees and goes.

Jeevika refuses to break Satvik’s heart, as even she feels the pain when he feels pain. Rajnandini says Satvik can’t forget you and move on then. Jeevika says I know you are saying this for his betterment, and says he shall not think that I am doing wrong as he had done wrong with me. She says I can’t see him defeated. Rajnandini says you can’t understand that Satvik and your separation is very important. Jeevika says why you are pressurizing me, I will separate with him. Rajnandini says she is just advising her and goes. Manas comes there to talk to Jeevika.

Rajnandini comes to her cabin and asks Juhi why she is sitting here and says visitor’s chair is there. She asks if Jeevika is less that you are also doing the same. Juhi thinks to insult Jeevika infront of everyone. Manas tells Jeevika that she can tell him what has happened, and asks if you are thinking about Rajnandini bhabhi. Jeevika says Vahini thinks good about me, but sometimes she demands such a thing which make me feel that she doesn’t like me. Manas is shocked.

Later Narayan asks Lata why is she walking here and there. Lata says I came to ask if you drink tea. Narayan says he has drank tea already. He asks if he came to badmouth about Rajnandini, then she can go. Lata says she is not her enemy and tells that they shall think about Rajnandini and says she is lonely. Narayan asks what to do, to make her more happy. Lata suggests her to get Rajnandini’s second marriage. Narayan gets thinking.

Jeevika says may be she is thinking wrong. Manas tells that Bhosle family regards Rajnandini so much, and asks her to keep her question to herself and not to tell anyone or Satvik, as he blindly trusts her. Jeevika says he trusts everyone blindly. Manas asks why did you refuse his love? Jeevika says love is not enough, even I thought…but it is not enough. Manas thinks if Rajnandini is behind Jeevika’s decision.
Jeevika unveils the saree designed by her from her collection. Everyone praises her. Satvik smiles. Jeevika asks why you are smiling. Satvik says when his choice is praised then actually he is being praised. She asks if I can lit diya infront of the saree. Satvik says yes, ofcourse, even Bhabhi will be happy. She lits the candle.

Later Jeevika talks to Raghav. Satvik throws paper plane on Jeevika. He comes there and asks Raghav to check music system and projector, and come to his cabin if it is not working. Raghav goes. Satvik sits there. Jeevika asks why you get irritated with that lovely kid. Satvik says who knows you will take him in your lap. Jeevika says you are mad. He says do you know for whom? Jeevika asks since when you starting flirting? He says he will always be of Jeevika. They hear the fire alarm and rush to see the saree burnt. Rajnandini asks how did this happen? Jeevika says we came just now and saw the saree burnt.

Precap: Rajnandini asks what we will show to the clients, and says Satvik’s sight will be lowered and has to apologize. Jeevika sits to design the saree and stitch it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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