Agnisakshi 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika refuses to Rajnandini’s saying

Agnisakshi 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajnandini pleading with Jeevika for the house’s happiness. Jeevika asks what are you doing and asks her to sit. Rajnandini says everyone thinks that my life is perfect and I am happy, but they didn’t know that my life is full of sorrows. She says everyone in the house is waiting for the baby, and tells that I die daily for not fulfilling their hopes. Jeevika says if their hopes are not fulfilled, then that doesn’t mean that they don’t love or respect me. Rajnandini says when Aai told you that you can’t give the heir to the family, what you would have felt and says if it is our bad destiny or if this is the house’s bad fate that it got incomplete bahus.

Shlok calls Swara and seeks her help. Swara gives call to Pradeep. Pradeep asks Shlok to come to their house. Shlok tells that actually Satvik wants to propose Jeevika and that’s why they need Swara’s advice. He says they are outside their house. Pradeep asks them to come inside. Swara says she will go out and meet them. She goes out. Manas says almost kids have happened, and now he is going to propose Satvik. They think of ideas so that Satvik propose Jeevika. Jeevika feels helpless that she couldn’t give what they want. Rajnandini asks shall I ask you something. Jeevika says I couldn’t give anything to the family, and says I will fulfill your wish. Rajnandini says I will come later, and tells that she has no right to ask her something. Jeevika asks her to say. Rajnandini tells her that she can’t give baby to the house, says even she can’t give baby though Satvik married her for baba. She says Shlok is a kid and can’t marry till 4-5 years, and says this problem will be there until you will be the bahu. Jeevika says yes.

Swara tells Satvik and others about Jeevika’s dream proposal since her childhood. She tells that Jeevika has seen struggle since we got the debt. Satvik says she saw struggle when she has to see cartoon. He tells that Jeevika will not make any compromises now. Jeevika tells Rajnandini that she has understood what she told, and says she can’t leave this house. Rajnandini is shocked. Jeevika says she has promised baba that she will not leave Satvik, and tells that she don’t want to give pain to Satvik. She says she will not hide anything from Satvik. Rajnandini gets angry and thinks Jeevika is a headache for her. She tells Jeevika that Satvik will hold himself responsible and will break down, thinking he is the reason, even if the accident haven’t happened due to him. Jeevika says the accident haven’t happened due to me, and tells that the bad luck started when I came here. Rajnandini smiles and says you have given memories and happiness for the house. She says I didn’t mean to hurt you and goes from there and smirks.

Pallavi comes to the kitchen and asks Sukanya if she saw a bad dream. Sukanya says she is thinking about Jeevika, what she must be thinking. Pallavi says Jeevika must be sleeping on the velvet bed. Sukanya says if Jeevika tells this to Satvik. Pallavi says she can’t refuse her Aai, we will go in the morning.

Satvik comes to the room. Jeevika is crying silently. He thinks she is sleeping and says he got late due to Manas. He says he has decided to fulfill all her wishes, and tells that he can’t ever imagine his life without him. He says I will say…and says Jeevika…I love….He then stops saying he don’t want her snoring to answer his love. He says he will propose her in a unique way and goes. Jeevika gets up and says if we couldn’t meet even after coming closer, then that means we are not destined to be together.

Precap: Satvik takes Jeevika to such a place which Jeevika wants, and frees the fireflies from the jar. He then bends down on his knees and proposes her showing the ring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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