China Pakistan Relations: China talks with Pakistan, this time it is not a matter of friendship

China Pakistan CPEC Projects update: Pakistan’s new Army Chief General Asim Munir is on a four-day visit to China. His visit was considered a big step towards bringing warmth in the relations between the two countries. However, now reports are coming that this time it is not a matter of friendship.

China has already invested over US$48 billion in 52 projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Meanwhile, the Pakistani government again wanted an economic package. However, this time China has held talks with Pakistan’s military leadership and in this conversation Chinese officials have warned that if they fail to stop attacks on Chinese citizens and interests in the Islamic country, their "eternal friendship" will be adversely affected. 

China’s billion dollar projects in danger
China’s billion dollar projects running in Pakistan are in danger, because terrorist attacks have been happening there. Many Chinese citizens have lost their lives in terrorist attacks. The Chinese government is very worried about this. It is being told that at the beginning of this month, a clear message was given to Pakistan’s ISI chief Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum in Beijing that there should be no further attacks on Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The same thing has now been raised during the visit of Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir to China.

Officials Upset With Shehbaz Sharif’s Leadership
Upset with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s leadership, the Pakistani political leadership is believed to be trying its best to accommodate Chinese security concerns and has Several high-level committees have been formed to review security measures related to civilians and CPEC projects, so that Beijing’s projects can be given more attention in the future. There are indications that Pakistan may also try to list the extremist Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in the UNSC’s 1267 Sanctions Committee to address Chinese concerns, as the organization has been working on CPEC projects in Pakistan’s troubled region. Chinese national has been targeted. 

Delays in CPEC projects 
Challenges to CPEC are not only emanating from the deteriorating security scenario in Pakistan, but also from rising anti-China sentiments, especially in the Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan regions. There are reasons for the phenomenal growth, too. The current uncertainty over the withdrawal of Afghanistan and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)’s ceasefire agreement with Rawalpindi in November 2022 has led terrorists to attack not only Chinese citizens but also CPEC projects with impunity. The result is that most CPEC projects are delayed, as Chinese nationals are reluctant to work on these projects, as extremist groups such as the BLA, Islamic State and Taliban affiliates are active in the region and it has been criticized among the local population. making a sovereignty issue. 

Attacks in Balochistan
Most attacks on Chinese nationals and CPEC projects have taken place in Balochistan, where Beijing has invested heavily, focusing on the Special Economic Zone around the Gwadar port. The neglected province of Balochistan in Pakistan is not only a hotbed of terrorist activities of various Balochistan extremist groups, but the region is also witnessing resentment of the local people against Chinese projects. Many local leaders believe that Pakistan is becoming a pawn of China and China wants to use the wealth here for itself. December 2022 at Gwadar "Haq Do Tehreek" The demonstration, in which thousands of women and children participated, was a voice against Chinese and Pakistani exploitation in the name of CPEC projects. 

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