China On Russia Ukraine War: China made a big announcement regarding Russia-Ukraine war, Foreign Minister said- ‘We are our weapons…’

China On Russia Ukraine War: China (China) has said a big thing about the Russia-Ukraine War, which has been going on for more than a year. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has said that his country will be neutral about this war. They said, "We will not provide weapons to any side in the war and will also ban the export of military assets."

China’s Foreign Minister also said that he will maintain his friendly relations with Russia. He said that he also wants peace to be established between the two sides. However, he did not talk about China’s plan to establish peace.

The announcement by China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang not to give arms to Russia was made at a time when western countries like America are constantly apprehensive that arms are being supplied to Russia from China. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping went to Moscow on a tour of Russia only last month. Where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin. In that meeting, the songs of friendship between the two countries were read.

Secret documents claim- deal was done to deliver arms
Here, it has been revealed in the leaked documents of America that China approved the decision to send arms to Russia for Ukraine war. given. In the report of Washington Post, the report was published about the secret US documents, according to which on February 23, it was learned that China was going to give weapons to Russia in the guise of other equipment.

Chinese Foreign Minister said- will not support any side Will not give An English news portal published the news that while holding a press conference with the Foreign Minister of Germany, the Foreign Minister of China has said that he will not support any side in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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