China did such a game in the Indian Ocean before changing the names of the cities of Arunachal Pradesh, here are its 19 locations!

China’s 19 Seabed features in Indian Ocean: China (China), which has been troubling small countries with its expansionist plans, has now started making inroads into the Indian Ocean as well. Earlier this month, on one hand, on April 2, China announced the renaming of 11 diverse geographical locations in India’s Arunachal Pradesh, while on the other hand, it renamed 19 seabed locations in the South Indian Ocean. Bed Features), which are located about 2,000 kilometers from the Indian peninsula.

Defense experts have termed this move of China as a conspiracy to siege India. Experts say that to fulfill its expansionist plans, China does many things on the global stage. He struck a double whammy by directly interfering in India’s sovereignty and Indian sphere of influence in the Indian Ocean region on 1 April, commonly known as ‘April Fool’s Day’, and the next day. On the other hand, the Chinese media attributed these efforts to Beijing. "soft power" China’s Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association (COMRA) signed a 15-year exploration contract with the International Seabed Authority, according to which, facilitated access to this area. 

Chinese names given to four places near Madagascar
According to China’s COMRA, they have been active in the southwest ridge of the Indian Ocean near Madagascar in 2011. Where he started exploration work for precious metal polysulphide. However, China’s interference has also happened in other areas of the Indian Ocean, such as Sri Lanka’s Hambantota has been taken by China on a 99-year lease. Similarly, China has made inroads at a place in Myanmar as well, China is already setting up projects at the Gwadar Port in the Arabian Sea of ​​Pakistan. Apart from this, he also tried to prepare land for himself in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. 

Expansionist mindset of the Communist Party of China
An official of the South Block says, diplomats posted in China are given Mandarin names while presenting their diplomatic papers. He said, “The renaming of various geographical places in Arunachal Pradesh and the Indian Ocean reflects the age-old expansionist mindset of the Communist Party of China (CPC), such attempts to show its dominance and power in the 19th century.” The British also used to do it.

Where are China’s 19  places in the Indian Ocean? Information has been received, 6 of them are off the coast of Oman. Apart from this, some are away from African land in Djibouti, where China’s port is also there. Apart from this, four places are at some distance from the coast of Madagascar, and 8 are on the southwest ridge of India. Apart from increasing its penetration in the Indian Ocean, China has also sent its team several times to the southern part of the earth i.e. towards Antarctica. 

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