​ChatGPT gave mantra to remember the things read for a long time, know what tips he gave

Chat GPT: Students studying in school-college often try many methods to keep the things taught in the class in mind for a long time. But most of the students are not able to succeed in it. He wants to do this so that he gets good marks in the exam. But at the time of examination, many students forget the things they have studied. On which Artificial Intelligence gave its advice. When AI ChatGPT was asked how to remember the things read for a long time, then what was the answer received from AI, let us know….

There can be some ways to remember the things read for a long time-

  • Check from time to time: If you read on the same topic over and over again, you are more likely to remember it. Keep some space in your time table and revise it whenever possible.
  • Make Notes: Making notes can be a very good solution. Whatever you learn, note it down in a diary or notebook. This will help you remember later.
  • Test: Taking tests more times will also help you remember what you learn. Also keep time for taking tests in your study time.
  • Make a connection: Whatever you read, try to relate it to your life. For example, if you are learning a language, converse with your friends or family in that language.
  • Create Time: Fix a time limit while learning and focus only on that subject during that time. This will put you in a right mood and you will be able to remember more relevant information.
  • Focus on details: There are some subjects that contain a lot of details, such as history or science. To remember those topics you have to concentrate with details. Make relationships between those details so that you can understand the topic more.
  • Make good use of: Avoid using your smartphone or computer for more and more time. Instead, put it to good use. If you make any notes, write by hand. It will enhance your brain memory.
  • Relax: Get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and stay stress-free.
  • Practice: Practice more and more. As soon as you learn something new, revise it and try to understand it.
  • Stay Organized: Keeping your information organized is also very important. For this, make notes, group the information according to topics and sub-topics, and update them as needed.
  • Stay Connected to Entertainment: While learning anything, being connected to entertainment makes your mind more excited and memory becomes stronger. It also helps in keeping time.
  • Overview: After learning, take an overview in which you will review your information. This will help you to be more relevant with your information.

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