Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni proves her innocence

Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni and Raunaq arguing. The bus conductor comes and tells everything to Raunaq. He goes. Raunaq says I have made a big mistake in my life by not trusting you. Chandni hugs Raunaq. He says you made me meet my dad and got my mum’s death truth out, don’t go away from me. Sanjot says I have to make a new plan now, it’s the best day, I will defeat Sumer, until he is alone, my ace will work. Sumer and Roshni come home. Sanjot hugs Roshni.

Chandni and Raunaq come. Sumer asks Roshni to take rest. Sanjot says you both challenged me. Chandni says I respect you, you were not wrong, our marriage is not a problem. He thinks I have hurt you a lot, I will give you much happiness now, I will bring Roshni and you close, its my promise, my dear wife. Raunaq and Chandni take care of Nisha. They ask her to share their feelings. Nisha says I got a crush on someone, Manav. She tells them everything.

They hug her. Chandni says we are sorry, we were not with you. He says you can share everything with me, I m with you, we won’t let anything happen to you, I promise. Sanjot comes and says you are saying wrong, Nisha, here are the tickets, you will leave for hostel tomorrow. Raunaq tears the tickets. Chandni says she won’t go to hostel, she will be with us. She scolds Sanjot.

Sumer asks Roshni to take care of her diet. Roshni says we are going to start a new phase of our life, I want to tell you everything, Nirbhay was my ex boyfriend, my first love. Sumer is shocked seeing Nirbhay’s pic. He says Nirbhay took loan from me and didn’t return, I m sorry, he was a cheat. She says no, he wasn’t a cheat, but a sincere guy, he wanted to keep me happy, I loved him a lot, he died because of Chandni’s principles. She tells him everything.

She says fate got me to you and I started a new life with you, I have done many mistakes in my life, so I wanted to tell you the truth, I will always love and respect Nirbhay, he did a lot for me, I can never forget him. He says I can understand, its not easy for you to forget everything, he would like you to move on, life is short, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, we will stay happy, I gave you Nirbhay’s property papers, I want the club to get revived, you will handle it, we can keep the memories. She thanks and hugs him.

Chandni and Raunaq catch Sanjot. She threatens to kill Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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