Chashni 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjot worries for Nisha

Chashni 23rd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjot and everyone wishing Sumer. Sumer says I have to finish all of my work before Roshni comes, so that I can take care of her. Chandni is on call. Raunaq asks what are you doing. She says I m so happy that Roshni is pregnant, I know she won’t listen to me, I will take care of her, I have an idea to do so, I m worried that Sanjot can harm her. He asks her not to worry. She says I won’t let anything happen to Roshni and the coming baby. Nisha comes to Chandni. Chandni asks Nisha why is she looking low. Nisha says I was studying all night. Chandni asks her not to work so hard, sleep is imp for their body to work. Nisha asks her to give her headache relieving medicines. Chandni gives it to her and asks her to take some good sleep. She goes. Nisha takes the medicines. Its morning, Sanjot sees the food plate. Vimla gets the juice for her. Sanjot gives her a bangle as gift. Vimla says no. Sanjot says you hold my secrets, keep it. Chandni says keep it, she is giving it with love, maybe she doesn’t get this chance again. Raunaq says yes, she will get to see stars in daytime. Sanjot jokes on their confidence. She says life has become exciting and entertaining since you have come, after all I have to make you fall in Sumer’s eyes. Raunaq says you will go to jail soon. Sanjot says no one can defeat me in chess. She asks Vimla to get mango milk shake for Raunaq and Chandni. She says you both can never defeat me. Chandni says overconfidence is bad, you made life a game of chess, remember, the game isn’t over yet, it just started, you get ready to lose the finale, you said you are not habitual to lose. Nani comes. Sanjot taunts her for Chandni and Roshni’s upbringing. Nani thinks there is no use to tell her, I will talk to Nisha today. She goes. She gets Nisha’s diary. She says I think she is still sleeping. She asks Nisha to come out. She knocks the door. The diary falls. Nani gets Nisha’s suicide note.

She says I can’t read it. Sanjot says you both should thank me, I like you both, I regret we are enemies. Chandni says you can’t even take care of your daughter, you ignore her, you treat her like a pet. Sanjot asks her to mind her own work. She says I will see Nisha. Nani gets the letter to Raunaq and Chandni. They read the suicide letter. They get shocked. They run to Nisha’s room and ask her to open the door. Sanjot blames Chandni. She says if anything happens to Nisha, I will not leave you. Nani asks Sanjot to stop it. She says you are the reason for this, Nisha took this step, I came to tell you many times to understand Nisha, she needs you, you are blaming Chandni, your ego gets hurt if we explain you something. Sanjot and Nani argue. Raunaq says its not the time to argue, think what to do next. He breaks the door. They go inside and see Nisha. Nisha is listening to music. Sanjot asks why didn’t you open the door. Chandni asks Nisha which medicines did she take. Nisha says nothing. Sanjot asks what did you write in this letter. Nisha says I had planned it but couldn’t dare to do it, I had put ear plugs and slept. Sanjot scolds her. Nani scolds Sanjot. Nisha asks Nani to ask Sanjot to leave. She cries. Nani asks Sanjot to give some time to Nisha. Sanjot goes and gets angry. She says Nisha was fine before, this is happening because of Chandni and family, I will not leave them. Nani says Nisha has fever. Chandni asks her to have food and medicines. Nisha faints. They get worried.

Sanjot says it’s the best day to work out my plan. She catches Roshni at knife point. Chandni and Raunaq try to save Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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