Chashni 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Roshni meets Raunaq

Chashni 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjot and Meher wishing Sumer. Sanjot says Roshni didn’t know about his birthday, what will she gift him. Roshni thinks I know what to gift him. Raunaq gets a call. He says I m reaching there. Roshni comes to meet him. He says you came in Sumer’s car. She says his surname and sindoor are also mine now. He asks what, you married Sumer, did he blackmail you, I know he can fall to any level. She says enough, I m here because of my helpless situation, tell me, will you call me Choti Maa or Roshni. He is shocked.

She says fate didn’t leave an option for me. He says really sorry. She says its okay, I have accepted my life, I got habitual to new shocks and surprises, Sumer isn’t a bad person, he supported me, after Nirbhay’s death, life got tough for me, I had no money and house, you can’t imagine what I have undergone, getting Sumer’s name was big protection for me. Raunaq says Sumer is responsible for Nirbhay. She says no, Sumer just asked for his money, Nirbhay would have given him the money if Chandni and you didn’t come between, you gave the idea to Nirbhay to burn the club, he told me. He says I had made arrangements for you both but it didn’t happen. She says it didn’t happen as I wanted. He says it will happen as you want, I know you called me for an imp work. She says yes, my life depends on it. He says tell me, what shall I do. She says return home to your dad. He asks what, ask my life, I will give it, but I won’t do this work. She says I will get my rights and respect in that house if I give you to Sumer, you think I have turned selfish, what shall I do when family becomes enemy, you know your family well, you can help me there. He says no. She says think of it, I m giving you a chance to repent, help me and remove this guilt, come back home, I will wait for you. She leaves. Its morning, Sanjot says make sure no person gate crashes the party. Meher says the magazine has come, Sumer and Roshni look good together, Roshni is beauty with brain. Sanjot gets angry. Gautam reads the headline. Sanjot says Roshni can’t give any gift to Sumer. Meher says she is planning something special. Sanjot says my gift will be special for him. Nani asks Chandni to come back home. Chandni says I will try to convince her, she doesn’t want to see my face, I m going to meet someone today. Someone comes there and drops an envelope. She gets shocked reading that Roshni isn’t safe in Babbar house.

Sanjot says you will assist Sumer from today, its his birthday today, all the best. Chandni calls the reception and asks did anyone come to meet me. The man says no. Sanjot says you will see Sumer’s security and the party arrangements. Raj says sure. Chandni calls him. He goes. She says why isn’t he answering, where is he.

Chandni says who can send this note, maybe someone wants to warn me, Roshni isn’t safe there. Sumer and Roshni get ready. He says I have neck pain, please call Sanjot, she will massage and it will get fine. She says she went to get a gift for you. He says her gifts are special and unique, I feel blessed to have her in my life. She says who knows someone else give you a better gift than her, shall I massage your neck. Sanjot comes and says Roshni, its alright, go and see the party arrangements, I will handle Sumer. Roshni goes. Sanjot says you should be fine before the guests come. She stops Roshni and scolds her.

Roshni says I hope Raunaq agrees to come back home, then I will tell you my place. Raj calls Chandni and says I m in the party with Sumer. She says I have to meet you urgently, tell me if there is anything wrong there. He says okay. Sumer and everyone come in the party. Sanjot says my brother is special, so I have planned a special gift for him. She asks him to see his birthday gift. He sees his biography. Meher says wow, you have given a special gift. Sumer thanks Sanjot. She says welcome, Sumer’s success story is so inspiring, I thought everyone should know about it, so I got his biography written. He praises her and thanks her. She says this is the first copy of your biography. Roshni gets a message. She says wait, you shouldn’t take this first copy.

Chandni says your son has cheated me, how will you get justice, I want to marry Raunaq. Sumer agrees. Raunaq is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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