Chanakya Niti: Remember Chanakya’s 3 things in times of crisis, no one will be able to bend your hair

Chanakya Niti: Every person wants that clouds of sorrow should never hover in his happy life, but the law of the law is that if there is happiness, then sorrow will definitely come. It depends on us how we behave in happiness and how we face the situation in times of sadness.

Acharya Chanakya has told many important things on how to behave in times of crisis, those who follow them never panic in times of trouble, but bear this sad moment with joy and enjoy happy moments. Let us know how to behave in difficult times.

Positive thinking, understanding and restraint will lead to success

In times of crisis, proper advice, knowledge, experience and courage become your strength. Never ignore these things in adverse circumstances. Do not let your mind get distracted when there is a crisis. A distracted mind can never take the right decision. If intelligence is used along with force in any small or big battle, then the chances of victory become 100 percent. Do not let negative thinking dominate you. In times of crisis, many people may humiliate you, condemn you, even being together, may try to create bad thoughts in your mind. Keep distance from such people and stay in good company.

Unity will avert danger

Remember, courage and unity are very important to overcome any crisis. If you keep a sense of ego in times of crisis then it is sure to lose. A single person fights his own battle, but when it comes to family or society, then it is necessary to know each other’s side and to have the feeling of taking others along, only then success is achieved and no third person can even turn a hair. In such times it is most important not to find fault with each other

Be alert

Acharya Chanakya says that it is very important to be careful in times of trouble, because in times of crisis a person has limited opportunities and challenges are big. In such a situation, a slight mistake can cause great harm, so it is very important to be careful in advance.

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