Caution! ..Air pollution is reducing the effect of corona vaccine, revealed in the study

Air pollution Is Reducing The Effect Of Corona Vaccine: We all agree with how dangerous air pollution is. This is one of the biggest health problems in the world. Due to this, about 70 lakh people die every year, in which 6 lakh  Children also participate. This report is from the World Health Organization and now another danger related to air pollution has come to the fore. A recent study has revealed that the pollution spread in the air is reducing the effect of the Kovid vaccine. According to the study, people who were exposed to high levels of air pollution before the start of Kovid had less antibodies made from the Kovid vaccine. The scientists reported that pollutants such as PM 2.5, nitrogen dioxide and black carbon have been associated with reducing the IgM and IgG antibody response by up to 10% in people prior to infection.

Vaccine use. Low antibody production after treatment

Let us tell you that the team of researchers examined three types of antibodies IgM, IgG and IgA, and five types of viral antigens which have three spike proteins present in the vaccine. The results in the study suggest that they Exposure to pm2.5, N02 and black carbon resulted in a 5 to 10 percent reduction in vaccine spike antibodies. Decreased antibodies both in the early IgM response and the subsequent IgG response These results were similar across all vaccine types

Other disadvantages of air pollution

Manolis Kogevinas of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, however, says air pollution is linked to a range of health hazards, including cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases, as well as diabetes.

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