Bunty Chor Arrested: More than 500 cases, absconded after eating lizard, after arresting, police told the whole story of Bunty Chor

Delhi Police Arrests Bunty Chor: Delhi Police has once again arrested the notorious Bunty Chor aka ‘Super Chor’. This arrest has been made by CR Park police station of South District. Bunty Chor had carried out the burglary at two different places in the GK Part-2 area of ​​CR Park police station on the intervening night of 12 and 13 April. After stealing from a house, he also stole a car from there and escaped by keeping the goods in the same vehicle. Three mobile phones were also stolen from the spot and one of them proved to be a clue for the police. 

What’s the matter? 

DCP Chandan Chowdhary of South District said that on the intervening night of April 12-13, a house burglary was carried out in M ​​Block, GK-2. 2-3 mobile phones, Rado’s watch, Nike’s shoes, camera and tripod were stolen from the house. The thief found the car key in the house. He opened the car with the key and escaped by keeping the stolen goods in it. After this, he committed burglary at SBI Guest House in E Block, GK-2 and stole 5 LED TVs and printers of Sony and then fled. In both the cases the police started investigation.

Clues found from stolen mobile

According to the police, out of the 3 mobile phones stolen by Bunty Chor, he could not switch off one of the phones. That phone remained on and with the help of this the police traced the location of Bunty Chor. The police followed him. His location was found in the evening of Agra. After this, at 6:30 pm, the police located him in Etawah. Such an occasion also came when the distance between the police and Bunty remained 10 meters. The police kept following him.

The police had decided that wherever he stops, he will be caught there. After this there was a jam at Akbarpur toll plaza which comes under Kanpur Dehat. Bunty had to stay there. Then the Delhi Police team stopped him but Bunty did not get out of the car. He showed a card to the police and started calling himself a policeman. When he did not get down from the car, the police broke the window of the car with the butt of the pistol. Meanwhile, information was also given to the Kanpur police. Kanpur police also reached the spot. 

Bunty turns out to be a thief after being caught

More than 500 theft cases registered across the country

According to the police, more than 500 cases are registered against Bunty Chor across the country. Around 300 cases are registered against him only in Delhi. According to the police, Bunty started stealing from 1989. Between 1989 and 1993, he carried out more than a hundred theft incidents. Till now he was caught several times but kept on absconding by dodging the police.

In 1993, he was caught by the New Delhi Police for the first time, but he was absconding. From here he fled to Chennai, where he was caught. After absconding from there, he came to Chandigarh and was caught. Then he absconded and went to Bangalore. Chandigarh police nabbed him from Bangalore. He lived in Chandigarh from 1993 to 1998. 

Captures and escapes continue

According to the police, after this Bunty Belgaum remained in jail till 2000. In 2002, he was caught by the South District Police of Delhi. He remained in jail till 2006. After coming out of jail, he again committed theft in places like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. In 2007 he was again caught by Delhi’s South District Police.

After this he remained in jail till 2010. According to the police, Bunty stole several luxury cars in Delhi. Antique paintings etc. were also stolen from 5 star hotels. He was in Coimbatore jail since 2013 till now. He was released from jail only on March 3, 2023 and started living in New Road area of ​​Delhi.

Bunty escaped from jail after eating a lizard

According to the police, Bunty Chor is so vicious that he had eaten a lizard in the Chennai jail, due to which he was taken to the hospital due to vomiting. On reaching the hospital, he dodged the police and fled.

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