BJP leader Khushbu Sundar had tweeted about ‘Modi surname’ in the year 2018, now said – will not delete the old tweet

BJP leader Khushbu Sundar: An old tweet by former Congress leader and actress Khushbu Sundar is becoming increasingly viral. Congress leaders are targeting the government on the pretext of this tweet. In fact, BJP leader Khushboo Sundar said on Sunday that she "Corruption of Modi surname" Will not delete her 2018 tweets linking to. He called on the Congress to remove more of his old tweets.

Actress-turned-politician Khushboo Sundar had tweeted in 2018 when she was in the Congress, "Modi here, Modi there, wherever you see Modi…but what is this? Every Modi has the surname corruption in front of him… Let’s make Modi’s name itself mean corruption. #Nirav #Lalit #Namo = Corruption."

I will not delete my tweet. It’s out there. There are many more. Pls use your time, as CONgress is absolutely jobless, to dig out a few more. BTW I like to see how the CONgress is putting me and @RahulGandhi on the same platform. I like the fact that I have earned enough name n…

— KhushbuSundar (@khushsundar) March 25, 2023

The matter came to the fore in the Rahul Gandhi episode

Let us tell you that this case of Khushbu Sundar has arisen after the Surat court on March 23 convicted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the defamation case and sentenced him to 2 years and canceled his Lok Sabha membership. BJP leader Khushbu Sundar said on Sunday, "I will not delete my tweet. It is in front of everyone. There are many more. Please use your time, because Congress is completely unemployed, there is time for them to take out more tweets."

Congress leaders shared the screenshot of the tweet

Many Congress leaders have shared a screenshot of this tweet of Khushbu Sundar on Twitter and asked whether former Gujarat minister Purnesh Modi will file a case against Khushbu Sundar. Please tell that Khushbu Sundar is now a member of BJP and is an active member of the National Commission for Women. The special thing here is that Khushboo Sundar has neither commented on her old tweet nor deleted it till now.

However, Khushbu Sundar definitely reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s punishment. He wrote on Twitter, "Manmohan Singh (the then Prime Minister) wanted to bring an ordinance on the Supreme Court judgment passed in 2013, but Rahul Gandhi tore it up. The irony is that his membership has gone today by the same decision. #Deed."

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