Bindu Birthday: How did ‘illiterate’ Bindu become Bollywood’s vamp? Took care of the house from the age of 13, yearned for a child all his life

Bindu Unknown Facts: Who can forget Bindu, who played the role of ‘Mona Darling’ who used her charm on the hearts and minds of ‘Robert’ i.e. Ajit Kumar. It was not a ‘coincidence’ to become an actress who left her mark in Bollywood due to the characters she played in the films. In the 70s, the craze of Bindu, who used to add boldness and beauty to the screen, used to speak on the heads of the people.

Every cinematographer was crazy about his style. So how did our birthday girl Bindu make an indelible mark in the industry? To know this, let us take you on the journey of Bindu’s life…

Household in childhood

In India, when it was considered wrong for a girl from a good family to enter the film industry, at that time, on 16 April 1941, a girl was born in Gujarat, who broke many dimensions of the society. Born to famous filmmaker Nanu Bhai Desai and theater actress Jyotsna, Bindu was born in the world of cinema. Since her father and mother were associated with the glamor industry, Bindu was fascinated by Bollywood since childhood. However, his father wanted Bindu to become a doctor instead of going to Bollywood and further his name. Bindu, who was a fan of Vyjayanthimala, lost her father’s hand only at the age of 13. Due to this, the responsibility of the entire household fell on Bindu’s shoulders at a young age. 

Choose acting his way

After this there were ‘two roads’ in front of the small point. The first was that she would walk on the path of fulfilling her father’s dream or take a step towards what she always wanted to be. We are all aware of the path Memsaab chose. Mona Darling stepped into the world of modeling at a young age after her father left.

Negative characters also hit the hero

In those times where all the actresses wanted to establish their coin in the main characters, Bindu chose the opposite path. Bindu gave importance to negative characters and succeeded in creating a different identity. Bindu, who turned out to be a heroine, deserves to be praised for playing negative characters, because whether it is ‘Mona Darling’ or ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi”s chubby mother-in-law, in all the characters, Bindu has made everyone her fan with her amazing acting. made. Bindu worked in more than one film in her career, in which she used to dominate big actors. However, as colorful as Bindu’s film journey was, equally colorless was the personal life of the actress. Bindu, who was married to Champak Lal Jhaveri at a young age, did not hear the cry of the child, which proved to be the biggest pain of her life.

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