Bharatpur Corona Update: Corona increased panic, Bharatpur Collector and CMO Kovid positive, 52 new cases in a day

Bharatpur Coronavirus Update: Corona has again started spreading its legs in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. On Sunday, April 17, 325 samples were sent for corona examination, out of which 52 were found positive. Maximum corona patients have appeared in the district. After which the number of active cases has increased to 62. On the other hand, there is no update on the recovery of any corona patient today. 

A day before, information was received about District Collector Alok Ranjan being positive. Now Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Laxman Singh has also been found to be Corona positive. Corona is now wreaking havoc in Bharatpur. If no corona guidelines are issued soon or masks and sanitizers are not made mandatory, then once again the risk of corona will increase. Because weddings are going to start from 22nd April and the crowd has started increasing in the markets. Farmers get free from their crops and get their children married. In such a situation, there will be a lot of weddings for two months.

Corona guidelines necessary in view of the wedding season
Now the wedding season has started in April and till July 8, there are about 50 days of marriage auspicious times. A crowd of people is being seen in the market to buy wedding items. Now it is to be seen that seeing the crowd of weddings, some guideline will be issued by the government, so that Corona can be curbed.

Corona positive patients have been found at many places in Bharatpur district. 1 case has been reported in Saver tehsil, 2 in Kumher, 8 in Deeg, 1 in Bhusawar, 31 in Bayana, 9 in Bharatpur city. Apart from this, no corona patient has come forward in Kaman, Nagar, Nadbai and Rupwas. Most of the positive cases have come to the fore in Bayana town. Now the number of corona patients has increased to 62 in the district.

In view of Corona, people are being asked to follow the Corona guidelines. The use of sanitizer and mask has started again. The increasing number of corona positive patients is increasing the concern of the medical department. Because 52 cases have come to light in one day. People have to be aware to stop the increasing number of corona. Corona investigation had stopped in Bharatpur since March 31, as the lab technician stopped coming after his time was over. When the cases of corona started increasing in the state, the lab technician was called again and investigation was started.

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