Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi saying she speaks like 60’s heroine talks, and say you are talking as if you are modern, you are sanskari, truthful and honest, no girl can be scared being with you, and says I always felt safe with you, and knew that you will not cross your limits. Rishi thinks I shouldn’t have said this, and laughs it, saying I was joking, but you take it seriously. He says whatever happened now, we are hiding and that’s why I thought to do a prank, and says you couldn’t catch my prank and did Minty thing. Malishka says what did Rishi get that he got vanished. She asks if he got magic band that he vanished? Vikrant says I got it and asks her to come. Lakshmi comes to the diamond section of the jewellery store and sits. The lady asks her to sit and goes. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi was really lying?

Rishi comes to her and tells that he didn’t lie. He says I was really joking and wanted to bring smile on your face. Lakshmi cries. He asks her not to cry and says sorry. Lakshmi asks did I laugh at your joke, no. She asks him to go and don’t talk to me. Rishi says I can’t stay without you and asks her to punch or slap him, but don’t punish him that he shall not speak else he will die. Lakshmi keeps her hand on his mouth. She asks him not to talk about death. Rishi asks if you will talk to me? Lakshmi asks him not to joke again. He asks her to smile. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi says you are miser to give the perfect smile, and show your 40 teeth. Lakshmi smiles. She asks what about this mangalsutra. Rishi says my mangalsutra doesn’t want to come out of your neck and asks her to wear it all life. He says they shall break it. Lakshmi says no. Rishi says we will ask the staff lady to open it. Lakshmi says don’t know when she will come. She says we are missing since a long time. Rishi says I will try to take it off. He tries to take it off.

Vikrant and Malishka come to the jewellery shop owner. Vikrant requests him if he can check the CCTV footage. Saloni asks Shalu where is Lakshmi? Shalu says don’t know. Saloni asks if Rishi and Lakshmi are together. Ayush says they shall be together. Shalu is worried and asks him to search them. Ayush says they are together and nothing will happen.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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