Bhagya Lakshmi 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi confesses his feelings to Lakshmi again

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelam telling Karishma that she had said. She takes the call and Malishka if everything is ok there. Malishka thinks shall I say truth that they are missing then thinks Neelam aunty asked me to keep Rishi in control, but I couldn’t. She says if I tell her, then she will scold me also. She tells Neelam that Rishi, Lakshmi, Vikrant, Anjana and Saloni are here. Ayush asks the salesgirl to show ladies bracelet. Shalu says she don’t want and goes. Ayush says she is upset with me since she is born, from her last birth. He goes to cheer her. Rishi asks Lakshmi why she is shooting him with her eyes and asks why you have brought me here, that if they have seen it then a big drama would have happened. He says you would have told them that you was trying it and asks him to take it out. Lakshmi says you want to do drama all the time, and asks didn’t you see how I have to remove my mangalsutra. She says I took it out today and you made me worn this again. Rishi says I didn’t marry you and says I will take blame on myself, but nobody will say anything to you. He says I will be with you forever. He says nothing wrong will happen with you. He promises her. Lakshmi asks why? Rishi says as I love you Lakshmi….I love you. Ke tere bin na laage jiya plays…..Neelam says I already said that they can’t be away from each other. Karishma says they attract each other like a magnet. She asks Neelam not to worry and tells that Vikrant’s Mom and Bhabhi are with them.

Virender hears them and says your thinking is this about Lakshmi. Neelam says I respect Mummy ji and that’s why I don’t say her anything, but you…and asks him to understand her. Karishma asks him to understand Bhabhi and says Rishi and Lakshmi are getting married to other partners, and tells him that that day Lakshmi reached the restaurant and today she reached the jewellery store where Rishi and Malishka were already there. Virender asks her to stop doubting his daughter right here, and asks Neelam also to understand him.

Ayush asks Shalu to stop. Shalu asks what happened? Ayush asks what did I do, did I do mistake? Shalu says yes. Ayush asks shall I do sit ups, hold my ears etc. He says I can’t see you upset, and says you are pichka alu, kachalu and says you look nice when you are mischievous and playful. He asks what is my mistake? Shalu says this is your mistake that you agreed for this marriage. She says Vikrant’s Mom is dominating and didn’t ask for Di’s choice. She asks why you are not stopping the marriage. Ayush says we couldn’t do anything and tells that he loves his bhabhi very much. Shalu asks then why you are not doing anything. He asks her to smile and don’t be upset.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her hand and says if someone comes here and sees us, then it will be a problem, if someone sees us like this then there will be a big problem. Rishi asks why you was wearing our marriage mangalsutra for long time, and why you was feeling pain while taking it off. Vikrant says he has an easy way to find out Lakshmi and he missed it, and thinks they will come out. Malishka scolds the watchman and asks if he didn’t see anyone. Anjana and Saloni tells Vikrant that if anything happens to Lakshmi. Vikrant says I will go and come. Rishi asks Lakshmi why she was feeling pain while taking off mangalsutra. Lakshmi says you say anything, I had given you friend’s rights and you say anything.

Rishi says why you have irritated me with chintu, mintu, kala kutta, oil massage etc. He says you have done oil massage forcibly. Lakshmi says then you slept peacfully and was snoring. She says she used to be awake all night. Rishi says you have good skin as you used to sleep all night. He asks her to see her face in the morning. They come close. Lakshmi stops him and says all relations have some limits and says I trust you a lot and I know that you will break your limits. He says she taught him limitations. He says I told you many times that I love you, I get happy with your happiness, I get pain seeing you sad, my eyes get filled with your tears, when you are not infront of me, I don’t want to live, my breath runs because of you, and says I feel good thinking about you, getting affected by you, says he is sounding like college lover, but he loves her like loving someone for the first time, you didn’t think anything for me. He asks her to answer and thinks why did I hurt her. Lakshmi asks why you are saying all this, I am not your wife, Malishka will be your wife.

Precap: Vikrant tells Malishka that they can find out about Lakshmi and Rishi. He asks the jewelery shop owner to show the CCTV footage. Rishi tries to take off mangalsutra from Lakshmi’s neck, Vikrant and Malishka see the CCTV footage and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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