Bhagya Lakshmi 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant fights with Balwinder

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The Episode starts with Vikrant seeing Balwinder washing his hands and cleaning his nose. He smiles seeing him. A guy comes there and asks Balwinder to hurry up. Balwinder tells that he has given 650 Rs. He moves back and collides with Vikrant. Vikrant says sorry. Balwinder thinks he is owl to say sorry, when it is my mistake. He comes to Lakshmi and keeps hand on her shoulder. Lakshmi thinks Vikrant ji is sanskari then why he is doing this? Balwinder thinks if she has accepted that he is her real lover. She gets up seeing Balwinder. Balwinder says that he is her half husband as he had brought her baraat for her. Lakshmi asks him to leave from there. He asks if this is your Bau ji’s hotel. Lakshmi asks him not to take her Bau ji’s name from his mouth. Balwinder asks her who is this new guy, if you have left Rishi, he is marrying Malishka. He asks her to marry him and says he is ready. Lakshmi says Balwinder. Vikrant comes there and stops Balwinder from touching Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi if she has any problem. Balwinder asks him to leave from there and says he was about to marry her, and he will marry Lakshmi only.

Saloni tells Anjana that Vikrant is not saying anything, but the girl and the family is good. Anjana says don’t know what is in his mind. Saloni says they are good, why he is taking time. Anjana says let him take the time, he might have thought. Saloni says if he loses lakshmi, then. Anjana says if they are destined to be together then will be together. Vikrant asks Balwinder to go. Balwinder asks him to go and says you seems to be good guy, that’s why I am saying this, else would have broken your head. He asks if he is Rishi to beat me and save you from me. He asks Lakshmi to ask him to leave and says from where you bring gabru jawan guy. Lakshmi shouts Balwinder and says if you utter any more word then I will break your mouth.

Ayush comes to Rishi’s room and finds him not there. He thinks he might have gone to restaurant to see Lakshmi. Balwinder says I am your Ballu, did you forget me? She raises her hand to slap him. He holds her hand. Lakshmi asks him to leave her hand. Vikrant beats Balwinder. Rishi is standing and watching them, thinks get beaten by Vikrant and then me. Vikrant says whoever don’t respect women, I don’t respect them. He warns him not to come near Lakshmi again. Balwinder takes fork and says I will cut you from middle today.
The waiter is about to call Police, but Manager stops him. Vikrant holds Balwinder’s hand. Balwinder injures his hand. Vikrant twists his hand and scares Balwinder using fork. He acts as stabbing him, and says if you don’t go then I will not take time to stab you. The security takes balwinder out. Manager says he has not paid the bill. Vikrant says I will pay. Lakshmi ties her handkerchief on Vikrant’s hand and asks if he is feeling pain. Vikrant nods no and says they shall go. He asks are you fine? Balwinder is thrown out of the hotel. Rishi comes there and holds Balwinder. Balwinder thinks he again came to beat me. Rishi grabs his collar. Balwinder asks what Lakshmi means to you? Rishi says I don’t want to explain to you, what she means to me. He beats him. Balwinder runs away.

Lakshmi says sorry to Vikrant, as..Vikrant says you don’t need to say sorry. Lakshmi says I am saying you sorry, I didn’t tell you about Balwinder. She tells him that her marriage was fixed with Balwinder, and tells about Kamli. She says she made Kamli married to him.

Karishma hopes Lakshmi didn’t do any cleverless. Neelam says they have come. Vikrant and Lakshmi come there. Vikrant asks them to take Lakshmi, and says I will leave now. Karishma asks why handkerchief is tied to your hand. Vikrant says it is absolutely alright. Neelam asks what had happened? Lakshmi says Balwinder had come there. Karishma says that cheapo. Neelam says you should have called police. She says she will ask Rishi’s dad. Vikrant says he needs to go, but will come there soon. He says bye and goes.

Karishma says now Vikrant will refuse for marriage. Neelam asks Lakshmi if she wants to marry Vikrant. Lakshmi says yes, and says she wants to go from here. Just then Vikrant comes back with Anjana and Saloni. Anjana says he messaged and called us here. Rishi comes there and sees their cars. Vikrant says he called them as he wants to talk something important. Rishi comes there. Virender asks him to come. Vikrant says I know everyone is worried about my decision, after whatever happened, it was unfortunate, but it is not Lakshmi’s mistake. He says he thought to talk to Lakshmi and others, and asks what she has decided. Lakshmi looks at Rishi. Karishma says Lakshmi had agreed, you had asked for time. Vikrant says yes, but I want to ask Lakshmi. Lakshmi recalls seeing Rishi and Malishka on bed, and recalls Neelam’s words that she is a coal, and Rishi’s words that he will go away from both. Karishma asks Neelam why she is taking time. Neelam asks lakshmi to say. Ayush thinks please refuse bhabhi. Lakshmi says I am ready. Everyone gets happy. Virender asks Vikrant about his decision. He says my decision. He goes and sits near Lakshmi. He praises Lakshmi and thanks his Mom and Bhabhi for searching such a good girl, but….

Precap: Vikrant tells Rishi that please don’t mind, if you had not divorced then I wouldn’t have got such a good wife like Lakshmi. Balwinder thinks to expose Malishka. Vikrant assures Lakshmi there will be no place of past in their relationship and their relation will be of love and trust. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she will marry and leave from here. He says if you are happy then I will be peaceful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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