Bhagya Lakshmi 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi gives his approval for Vikrant

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The Episode starts with Mohit asking his mother to give him sometime as it is the matter of his life. Virender says Vikrant is right. Shalu, Bani and Ayush get happy. Karishma asks if you are taking time as we are against dowry. Vikrant says even I am against dowry. Saloni and her mother in law tells that they have everything and need just bahu. Neelam says we are ready to give, but Vikrant is not ready. Rishi asks Vikrant to take his time. Vikrant thanks him.

Balwinder calls Lakshmi from Rano’s phone. Rano thinks Lakshmi shall not pick the call else Rishi will know that she is with Balwinder. Balwinder says she is not picking the call. Rano says Lakshmi is angry with her and went far away from her, as she tried to get her married to you. She asks him to leave else she will bring kerosene oil for him. Balwinder leaves. Rano thinks she got saved and thanks God.

At Oberoi Mansion, Sonia asks Lakshmi, if she asked Vikrant to refuse? Lakshmi says if I had to refuse then I would have refused long back. Sonia says then your truth would have come out infront of us that you don’t want to leave this house and Rishi bhai. Karishma says only Vikrant had problem after going to room and asks Lakshmi what did she say? Rishi says Vikrant wanted to talk to him, and not Lakshmi. He says Lakshmi infact agreed for this marriage. Malishka says to show everyone, and says she does what she wants and acts. Shalu and Bani ask them not to blame Lakshmi. Sonal asks what happened in room. Malishka says Vikrant was positive before going to room, and then he was opposite when he came out. She says she wanted to be good in everyone sight. Lakshmi says she didn’t say anything and says she told him that she is a divorcee and he was surprised, and asks if matchmaker or his family haven’t told him. Karishma says how does it matter if they told him or not, but why you told. Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t do if anyone told him or not. Dadi says Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong. Virender says even matchmaker would have known. Neelam says yes. Lakshmi says I don’t want to start a relation with a lie. Rishi says even now I am repenting the fact that I married you with a lie. Lakshmi says I am not telling you Rishi. Rishi says you did right and asks if you said anything to him. Lakshmi says no, just pallu. Ayush asks if he held your pallu and says I will break his face. Lakshmi says nothing has happened and asks him to listen.

A fb is shown, Vikrant asks Lakshmi to come. Lakshmi’s pallu get stuck, she thinks if he held it. She finds it stuck to the table. He asks shall I take it out. Lakshmi frees it herself and thanks him. He says I didn’t do anything. Fb ends. Lakshmi says he is good at heart person. Ayush asks what you are saying? Rishi says he is a nice guy. Lakshmi says he talked to me nicely and respectfully. Ayush says respect….and laughs. He says if anyone can be so good and says he is acting to be sanskari and says he is fake. Neelam says this is values, but today’s children are forgetting. She says he is genuinely good. Karishma says Ayush has forgotten his values. Neelam asks Rishi, about Vikrant. Rishi says I like him, he is a good guy. Ayush says how can you judge someone in one meeting. Rishi says you have judged him in one meeting too. Ayush says sometimes a person takes lifetime to understand other.

Malishka says Vikrant is genuinely good. Shalu asks her to marry him. Malishka asks her to shut up. Shalu says I will talk as the matter is about my sister. Neelam makes malishka sit and asks Shalu to think about Lakshmi. She tells Rishi that she wants just his opinion, and asks if he agrees for this alliance or not. Rishi says I agree for this alliance. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to agree. Neelam asks Lakshmi to say. Lakshmi says just as elders decide, just as Rishi decide, it will be my decision. Shalu and Bani tell that their decision shall be asked too. Lakshmi says you both are younger than me, so your decision doesn’t matter. Dadi asks Virender about Vikrant. Virender says whatever Lakshmi decides. Dadi says she has a feeling that they are pressurizing Lakshmi. Rishi says nobody will force her, and says even she has time, if she wants then she can refuse. Lakshmi says no, I like Vikrant ji and everyone likes him, so I agree for this alliance. Rishi is shocked.

Vikrant’s mother asks him why he asked for time, and says why you didn’t agree. He says I want to think and decide. Saloni says Maa wants to see your children. Vikrant says Rishi has divorced Lakshmi, but he still cares for her, I don’t want him to interfere between us, so that’s why I was thinking. Saloni says I will talk to Rishi and will ask him not to interfere.

Shalu and Bani return home. They talk that Lakshmi and Rishi love each other. Rano comes there and asks who has opened the door. They tell Neha opened the door and left. Rano asks why they came late? Shalu and Bani tell that Vikrant came there, and tells that everyone liked him. Rano says then he must be good. She says I hope this marriage happens and Lakshmi shall be happy with him.

Lakshmi tries to take off the stuck earring from her hair. Rishi comes and takes off her earring. He gives it in Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi says you don’t need to take care of me, I will handle myself. Rishi says don’t you like my care and me. He asks if you don’t like me. Lakshmi says it is not true. Vikrant calls on Lakshmi’s number. Rishi picks the call. Vikrant says Rishi..I want to talk to Lakshmi, asks if it is Lakshmi’s number. Rishi says yes. He gives call to Lakshmi. Vikrant says hi to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks if there is any important work. Vikrant says I was thinking if you will come to have dinner with him and says I thought it would be good idea to spend time with each other. He asks if we can go for dinner? Rishi looks on upset.

Precap: Rishi gets teary eyes and asks Lakshmi to go, says you can go where there is your life, I am happy for you. Neelam tells that this time Lakshmi will not act and says I will ask Pandit ji to take out mahurat before Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Virender asks her to call Pandit badrinath. Pandit badrinath tells that he has taken out mahurat, but there is a big and horrible problem.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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