Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update : Model colony in trouble because of no electricity

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori walks to Vibhu and wishes him Good Morning, she sees Tiwari and others asleep behind. Tiwari wakes up and scolds Vibhu. Vibhu says it will come. Angoori says patience it will come.

Vibhu goes home and asks Anu what is happening where is electricity. David says did you forget you asked electricity board to remove connection. Anu asks where is electricity. Vibhu says this is technical thing, complications do come. David says then who asked you to stop the connection and till then we will rot in this hot climate. Anu says if you don’t give electricity you deal with all investors alone. David says I am not part of this as well. Vibhu says be assured whole Kanpur will be benefited by my electricity. David says of you don’t bring electricity you will be in big trouble.

David cooks for Vibhu, while drinking alcohol on candle. Anu walks to David and asks what is he cooking. David says Schezwan rice. Anu says you had a stall in London right, did you sale it. David says its a big story. David while cooking adds alcohol by mistake in rice instead of Vinegar. Anu says I will gi check on Vibhu where is he.

Angoori fanning Tiwari. Tiwari says don’t worry its fine. Angoori says I wish I was electricity so that I could help you with the fan and cooler. Tiwari says then how would we get romantic anyways now rest, I will go have a drink and be back. Angoori says come back soon I get scared alone.

Anu waiting for dinner, David says calm down I am getting it and did you find Vibhu. Anu says no I didn’t. Angoori walks in. Anu welcomes her. Angoori says she was scared so she came down and also her torch battery is dead and there is nothing available. Anu says its all Vibhu’s fault. David greets Angoori. David tells her he has cooked chinese. Angoori tastes it and says it tastes a little weird but is nice. David, Angoori and Anu having Chinese. Angoori sees David eating weirdly. Anu tries to stop him but he gets irritated.

Tiwari with Vibhu. Tiwari asks Vibhu what did he get by ruining everything. Vibhu says don’t screw my motivation and experiment is going to help the society like other inventions. Tiwari says but they could invent, when will you give us the electricity. Vibhu says don’t worry, soon you will get electricity. Teeka slips and falls in gutter and curses Vibhu in pain.

Tillu trying to help Teeka come out. Tiwari and Vibhu rush for help. Tillu says to them, Teeka is very drunk help him before he drowns. Teeka keeps cursing. Vibhu and Tiwari start helping Teeka

Anu asks David when did he get married. David says I was married when I was a kid when I was 9 years old. Angoori says its so funny, where you playing kho kho on first night, as you know nothing about romance that age. Anu starts laughing and says she is right. Anu asks how old was Chachiji. David says 18years. Angoori says then did she carry you as her kid. David says yes she use to teach me and send me to school as well. Angoori says stop it, its so funny. David says and I use to drink only milk with jalebi.

Teeka at Gupta in pain. Gupta gives him 5 injections and says nothing is working. Vibhu says no anesthesia is going to work, these boys drink a lot. Tiwari says give him atleast 25 and then cut whatever you want. Teeka says how dare you, you tell me when is electricity going to come, all these problems are because of Vibhu. Tillu says yes and without electricity how will we give him stitiches. Vibhu keeps Teeka busy arguing and asks Gupta to give him stitches. Vibhu and Tiwari tease Teeka by Rhusa. Tillu says Rhusa is my girlfriend. Vibhu says yes right and also they are getting engaged. Teeka in shock.

Pre cap:
Tiwari asks Vibhu to home and work and says whole model colony is in trouble because of him.
Tiwari goes to Angoori and calls her baby, Anu in place of Angoori and says Baby you are here.
Angoori asks Vibhu to call her darling.
Tiwari and Vibhu in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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