Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti insults Angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari at his shop. Angoori walks to him and says I’m going to my job have a nice day and she walks away.
Vibhu at his job looking after logistics. Angoori walks to him and says goodmorning boss. Vibhu says don’t call me boss. Angoori says I’m your servant and you are my boss. Vibhu says don’t call me boss we all are equal. Angoori says it’s your it’s your greatfulness. Gupta asks Tiwari about Kulanjan’s price. Tiwari says yes it’s of 500rs per kg. Gupta says in Ramnarayan market its of 300rs. Tiwari says then buy from there. Vibhu says to Gupta come to me I’ll give you in 400. Tiwari says get’s annoyed and says you are destroying the market rate. Vibhu says it’s my shop and my price. Tiwari says to Gupta I’ll give you in 350rs. Vibhu reduce his price tp 300rs. Tiwari says I’ll give you 200rs. Angoori shouts take in 100, they start arguing and Angoori says take it in free from us, Vibhu shouts we will give you traveling allounce of 100rs plus 25rs more. Gupta get’s happy and asks Tiwari do you have any best offer. Tiwari says they don’t know how to do business. Gupta walks to Vibhu’s shop take his stuff and ask for 125rs. Vibhu gives him money. Gupta says keep bringing such offers I’ll ask my patients to come here and he walks away. Vibhu asks Angoori to take rest. Angoori says no I’m your servant and behave like Tiwari was behaving with you when you were his servant even he should realise how it feels when someone get disrespected. Vibhu says you know I’m loving person. Angoori says you have to act you have my swear. Vibhu says now I have to act. Angoori says and one more thing don’t tell Anita or else she won’t let you do anything. Vibhu says okay and start scolding Angoori. Tiwari hear everything get’s angry and says how dare you talk to my wife like this. Angoori says to Tiwari he is my boss he can do it I’m his servant. Vibhu asks Tiwari to go back and asks Angoori to get back to her work.

Tiwari sleeping and says Bhabhiji I love you, he turn and wakes up and says where is Angoori. Tiwari open window of his room and see Angoori working in shop. Tiwari asks her what are you doing this late night. Angoori asks why aren’t you slept yet. Tiwari says how can I sleep when you are working, it’s night time and everyone do romance. Angoori says but I have to do my work I like doing it. Tiwari says but you have to give rest to your body or else you will get sick. Angoori says my immunity system is strong. Tiwari insists her to come back. Angoori says I have to catch a rat and it’s important or else I won’t be able to sleep well and after all this shop is of my boss. Tiwari curse her boss. Angoori says do not insult my boss. Tiwari flirts with her and ask her to come back.

Vibhu sleeping. Anu wakes him up and says Angoori is still working that too late night it’s a crime and you know I can send you behind bars for this. Vibhu says I did not do any crime. Anu says wake up release Angoori and asks her to go to Tiwari. Vibhu says you can release her and gets back to sleep. Anu walks to balcony and asks Angoori to leave. Angoori says my boss didn’t asked me to leave. Anu says I’m tell you, you can leave now and asks Tiwari to sing politely in his bedroom.

Vibhu calls Angoori. Angoori says yes boss what happen. Vibhu say’s don’t call me boss and help me to pick it up. Angoori says what if I say no. Vibhu says I’ll help myself. Angoori says scold me I told you. Vibhu says I can’t scold you. David walks in and give tea to Angoori and Vibhu. Vibhu says to David Bhabhiji like aloo Paratha please make for her today evening. David walks inside. Vibhu asks Angoori to have tea. Angoori says throw tea at my face to make Tiwari realise about someone’s self respect. Vibhu says why will I disrespect you. Angoori says because he disrespected you so you should disrespect me. Vibhu says I’ll disrespect him not you. Angoori diverts Vibhu’s attention and throws tea at herself. Angoori start shouting what you did Vibhu you threw hot teat on my face. Tiwari hear Angoori crying, he rush to her and says how dare you throw tea at my wife’s face, you don’t deserve her to be your servant. Vibhu says first look at yourself, you are asking your wife to work. They both gets angry. Angoori says to Tiwari what are you doing go back he is my boss, he pay. Tiwari go back to his shop. Angoori praises Vibhu for his acting.

Anu in rickshaw. Tiwari sit beside her and says I need to talk something regarding Vibhu, he is torturing my Angoori, he scolds her a lot and last night she was looking for a rat. Anu says I know that. Tiwari says then you must be having knowledge that he threw tea on her face. Anu says if this is true I’ll take strict action against him. Tiwari says please take action and send him behind bars.

David asks Vibhu how is your shop running. Vibhu says we are in loss. David says don’t close your shop because of this loss. Angoori says to David if you want to progress in life you should take risk. Tiwari walks to Vibhu with Manohar and says this man is torturing my wife please arrest him. Anu says to Vibhu now answer why are you quiet, you were not shaking while throwing tea ta Angoori’s face, did you forget commissioner has appointed me ask president of women empowerment and I’m not partial to anyone. Angoori says no one will say a word and let me tell you all Vibhu did nothing to me. Tiwari in shock says what are you saying Angoori whatever I saw was lie. Angoori says did you forget Ammaji said things are not same the way they looks, I asked Vibhu to misbehave with me. Tiwari asks why did you do. Angoori says whatever I did was to teach you a lesson, you misbehaved a lot with Vibhu so to make you realise things I did this acting. Tiwari asks why did you felt so bad then are my wife or his. Angoori says I’m your wife and it’s my responsibility to see that you are not doing any sin and I saw last time you took payal and accused Vibhu for that. David shouts at Tiwari for his behaviour and says to Anu he is trying to destroy Vibhu. Vibhu mocks Tiwari and Anu for there behaviour. Manohar says can you tell me what should I do. David gives him lollipop and ask him to leave. Manohar walks away. Tiwari apologies to Vibhu for his behaviour and says I’m closing my shop forever because it caused lot’s of problems I’ll get back to my old business, I’m happy there. Vibhu says I’m also closing my shop because I’m facing loss. Anu says you are closing shop without discussing me after so long you started working but anyways. Vibhu says to Tiwari I worked for 4 days at your shop and that comes out to be 4000 please give my money. Tiwari shouts at Vibhu and start cursing him. Vibhuti and Tiwari get’s angry.

Vibhu on call. A boy says didn’t you recognise me I’m your younger brother Timmy Kandiya and I’m coming to Kanpur to play my cricket match.
Tillu says we all want to meet Timmy sir. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll handle that.
Angoori greets Timmy. Angoori shakes hand with him. Vibhu get’s jealous and asks Angoori for tea. Timmy says to Vibhu if you want to have tea go make one for yourself.
Prem mocks Vibhu and says you will be left alone like earlier and your brother will be with Angoori./strong>

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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