Bengaluru: Man throws grand birthday party for girlfriend, slits her throat after few hours

Bengaluru Girlfriend Murder: Police in Bengaluru on Saturday (April 15) arrested a man for the murder of his girlfriend. Police say that the accused committed the murder on suspicion of having a relationship with another person. This incident happened a few hours after celebrating the girl’s birthday. The incident took place in Laggere area of ​​Bengaluru on Friday (April 14).

According to the police, the accused Prashant had planned to have a whole day birthday party with his girlfriend 24-year-old Navya. Police said Navya’s birthday was on Tuesday, but Prashant was busy that day and so he had planned a grand party to make up for it. 

The suspicion was on the girlfriend

After preliminary investigation, it was revealed that Prashant suspected that his girlfriend was having an affair with some other person and was constantly texting him, which made him angry and sad. Police said that after celebrating Navya’s birthday, the accused strangled her to death. 

were in a relationship for six years

The accused has been arrested by registering an FIR in Rajgopal Nagar police station. Police has sent the victim’s body to Victoria Hospital for postmortem. According to sources, Navya and Prashant were distant relatives of Kanakapura and were in a relationship for the last six years. 

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