Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled love… Zain Shivangi Karan Jotwani Mohsin PreeJun SS Part 3

Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled love…Part 3


A boy reached near Kavya.

He called her:Kavya!

Kavya was surprised to see him.Because he was the same guy(Pratham) who was playing the drum and getting applause from the audience.

He was also surprised to see her.

He:You are Kavya?

Kavya:You?You are Ashwat?Oh…I never expected it.The person with whom I was chatting all this time was already known to me.I can’t believe it.

He:I had noticed you when you came to watch my performance. But I am not Ashwat.I am Pratham.This phone was lost in the crowd.I got this from the floor.I was searching for it’s owner.That time I received your phone call.I realised that you are alone here and this place is also new to him.Infact you don’t even recognize the person with whom you talk on the phone.So for your safety I came here.

Kavya became dull.

Kavya:Thank you.But I thought…how will I find Ashwat?I don’t know anyone here.

Suddenly they saw a boy asking everyone:Did you get any phone?

Kavya and Pratham were relieved.

Pratham:You lost your phone?

Ashwat turned back and looked at him.

Ashwat:Yes..while walking in the crowd my phone fell down.I couldn’t trace it.

Pratham:I got a phone.It may be your phone.

Pratham showed him his phone.

Ashwat became happy.’s my phone.Thank you very much.

He took the phone from Pratham.

Kavya was very happy to see Ashwat.

Ashwat dialed Kavya’s number.

Kavya told him:What’s the need of phoning me when I am standing near to you?

Ashwat looked at her with surprise.

Ashwat:It’s you Kavya?I couldn’t recognize you.

Pratham was observing them.

She smiled.

Ashwat embraced her in happiness.Pratham became dull seeing that.

Pratham thought:For the first time I fell in love with a girl.But she turned out to be someone else’s.



Ashwat and Kavya walked to the near by park.

Ashwat moved closer to her romantically and danced with her.Kavya was feeling shy.

They had icecream together. But they noticed that Pratham was there also and was staring at them.They felt weird and left from there.



They went shopping and Ashwat and Kavya bought clothes for each other.They both wore it.

Ashwat:You are looking like a fairy.

Kavya smiled.

Suddenly they noticed Pratham there.He was staring at them.

Kavya:Why is this guy stalking us?

Ashwat:I am also noticing him.He has been seen wherever we go.So I doubt whether he is following us.

Kavya:But why is he following us?

Ashwat:He might be a kidnapper.

Kavya got scared:Kidnapper?

Ashwat:I just assumed.Don’t get scared.We will move from here.


They both left from there.Pratham followed them.They noticed it.Ashwat lost his temper and shouted at him.

Ashwat:Why the hell are you following us?

Pratham:Where are you both going?

Ashwat:Why are you enquiring that?We will go wherever we want.Understand?

Pratham went near Kavya and said:Don’t go with a stranger.

Kavya felt discomfort.

Ashwat asked him angrily:Are you not ashamed to talk like this?

Ashwat pushed Pratham

and Pratham fell down. Pratham got up angrily and caught his collar forcefully:How dare you?

Ashwat pushed him again and walked away with Kavya.


They reached an isolated area.

Kavya:No one is seen here.

Ashwat:That’s why I brought you here.So that we can spend some time alone and no one will be there to disturb us.

Kavya blushed.

Kavya:When will you come to meet my parents?

Ashwat:Very soon.But you meet my sister Yamini.

Kavya:Ya…I want to meet her.

Suddenly Yamini appeared there.

Ashwat:This is my only sister Yamini.

Kavya was surprised.

Kavya:How did you reach here suddenly?

Yamini smiled:I did not reach here suddenly.It’s just that you saw me only now.Ashwat has told me about you.You are very nice.

Kavya smiled.

Yamini:You are looking very beautiful.

Kavya smiled.

Yamini:You are looking so beautiful that I feel like eating you up.

Kavya giggled:Eating?Your humour sense is very nice.

Yamini:I am not joking Kavya.I really want to eat you.

Yamini turned into a demon.

Kavya was shocked.

Yamini started laughing loudly.

Yamini:I have casted my spell on Ashwat.Now he is my slave.He obeys me blindly.I only made him ring you up again and made you fall in love with him.I only made him bring you here.I trapped you using Ashwat.

Kavya was shocked:So Ashwat was right.You are really heartless.You have never loved him.

Yamini:Yes.Because he is my step brother who is a burden for me.

Kavya:But why did you trap me when you can get many other human beings to eat?

Yamini:Because I wanted to eat a fairy to be more powerful.I enquired about the fairy who took human form and I came to know about you.So I trapped you.

Kavya was shocked.



Flash back….

Kavya caressed Preeta’s wounded finger and her her wound disappeared.Preeta was shocked.She looked at Kavya tearfully.

Arjun came back from his office.He saw Preeta looking very upset.

Arjun:What happened Preeta?Why are you looking sad?

Preeta started crying making him more shocked.

Arjun:What happened Preeta?Why are you crying?

Preeta told Arjun:Our Kavya is not a normal human being.She is a fairy like me.

Arjun was shocked.

Arjun:How do you know that?

Preeta told him about the kitchen incident.

(Reference to chapter1).


Arjun and Preeta remembered their past.


Preeta was a fairy who came to earth for fun.

She was enjoying the beauty of the earth.

Seeing her beauty some bad men tried to get closer to her.Since she didn’t want anyone to know that she was a fairy she didn’t use her powers to escape from them.But Arjun who some men trying to molest Preeta,beat them up and saved her. That moment itself Preeta fell for Arjun.

Preeta:Thank you.

Arjun was lost in her magical beauty.

He also fell in love with her that moment.


They kept meeting each other as per their destiny.


Later Arjun confessed his love to Preeta:Preeta…I really love you.Will you marry me?

Preeta:I also love you Arjun.

He became happy.

Preeta:But you should know my identity.I am a fairy.

Preeta took her fairy form surprising Arjun.

Arjun was numb.

Preeta:I will have to shed my fairy powers and become a human being to marry you.Otherwisr I will have to return to fairy land as I am not a human fairy.

Arjun became upset.

Preeta:But I have decided to shed my powers and become a human being.Because nothing is more important than you.I can do anything to live with you.

Arjun was very happy:Really?

Preeta:Yes Arjun.

Arjun pulled her closer in happiness.

Preeta sacrificed her powers and married Arjun.


Preeta:I never thought that my daughter will be a fairy as I am not a fairy anymore.

Arjun tried to console her.



Kavya:I am a fairy.You cannot easily attack me and eat me up.

Yamini:I know.But I had added a special medicine in the icecream you ate.That makes you weak for sometime.So now you are weak.I can easily attack you.

Kavya was shocked and scared.She looked at Ashwat.He was numb and motionless as he was made to be like that by Yamini.

Yamini jumped upon Kavya.

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