Before buying a second hand laptop, you must know these things, then take the decision

Second Hand Laptops: Smartphones and laptops have become an important part of our lives today. Living without it is not even worth imagining. Laptops ranging from 20 thousand to several lakh rupees are available in the market today. Although not every person is able to buy new laptops. In such a situation, he has the option of a second hand laptop. Today, through this article, we will tell you what things you should keep in mind before buying a second hand laptop. If you bring the laptop home without checking, then you may be at a loss.

Keep these things in mind    

Check internal and external parts 

Before taking any second hand laptop, do check its internal and external parts. By internal parts is meant the connectivity of the laptop. Make sure to check all the ports and camera (if any) of the laptop. ie keyboard, mouse pad, ports etc. 


Before choosing the best one for yourself, read the specs of the laptop carefully and buy it according to your need. If you need a laptop for professional work, then look at all the important features in it. If you only need it for general use then buy a laptop with basic specs.

Buy from Authorized Source 

We all buy any useful item for ourselves by adding pie-pie. In such a situation, while buying a laptop, you must know about the seller. Always buy second hand laptop from authorized store’s website so that if there is any problem in it then you can easily contact the store.


In many second hand laptops, shopkeepers or stores or websites also give guarantees to the customers. In such a situation, taking this type of laptop can be more beneficial for you so that if any problem comes in it, then you can claim the guarantee.


While buying a second hand laptop, do check its battery backup because if the battery runs out quickly, then this laptop is of no use to you. Always buy that laptop whose battery does not fall below 50% after 15 minutes of use. That is, if the laptop is fully charged, then its battery should remain up to 80% on normal use. 

Whenever you go out to buy a second hand laptop, take a person with you who already uses the laptop so that he can help you. Many times it is seen that people go out alone to buy laptops and the shopkeeper sticks anything to them. So do take along a person who has used a laptop so that they can help you fix the specs and price. 

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