Bangladesh ready to welcome PM Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister Momen said, ‘It is a matter of pride for us’

Dhaka: Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has expressed happiness that Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) of the world’s largest democracy, India (India), is coming to participate in Bangladesh’s 50th Independence Anniversary Celebration. Have been. In a special conversation with our diplomatic correspondent Sibal, Moman said that our relationship with India is very strong. He also praised India for providing the Corona Vaccine. Moman said that India has kept its promise and helped Bangladesh in difficult times.

Question: What is the main focus of this trip?

Answer: The main focus of the yatra is the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence and the 100th anniversary of the father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. We are very happy that the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy is joining our two great events. It is a matter of pride for us that India, the world’s largest democracy, has respected Bangabandhu. The relations between Bangladesh and India have been very cordial, the two countries have worked together. Many Indian soldiers in particular have shed blood for our freedom. Therefore, our victory is also India’s victory. Also, in this year 2021, Bangladesh has completed all categories of graduates from LDC country. This is the 50th year of diplomatic relations with India, we are joining many events together.

Question: How do you underline this relationship?

Answer: Our relations with India have been solid. During the freedom struggle, both Bangladesh and India worked together. Now again, PM Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh have taken diplomatic relations to a new height. Tensions and problems occur in all the neighboring countries of the world, but our relationship with India is completely different. We have a 4000 km border with India, India is a big country and due to the good relations, we have solved most of our problems by sitting together. We have resolved all major issues, including water sharing, border dispute, by negotiation, which shows the understanding of the two countries towards each other. We want to say to India that he does not need to worry about being a friend like Bangladesh. Its eastern border is completely safe. We believe that our Prime Minister believes that connectivity is productivity and this is the attitude of our Father of the Nation. We want to move forward on the path of peace and India is with us. Both countries are constantly strengthening relations.

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Question: PM Narendra Modi during his visit to Orkandi Will also go, how do you see it?

Answer: This shows the generosity of PM Modi that he is not only visiting the capital, but will also visit the tomb of the President of Bangladesh at Tungipara. Apart from this, he will also approach Satkhira and Orkandi. I think this is something new. This is the first foreign visit of the Indian Prime Minister after the Corona period, and it shows that he has a feeling of love and respect for Bangladesh.

Question: Will there be any talk on connectivity, is there any announcement?

Answer: We will open the freedom road leading from Nadia to Mujib Nagar. This is a historical event. In 1971, on 17 April, 17 vehicles from Calcutta came to Mujibnagar with all our leaders and international journalists. The Exile Government was established in Mujibnagar and this road leads to Mujib Nagar. Therefore, it is a historical event for us. Between us there is a railway track from Haldibari to Chilhati, which has been open for cargo for a long time and will also be opened for passengers. Connectivity is not just for rail, road, airways, waterways. Our connectivity has also been strengthened in other areas including electricity. We need to move forward now. I am from Sylhet, where there is a tomb of Hazrat Shah Jalal. There are large utensils for cooking in the tomb, seeing which I used to ask my mother, where did such huge utensils come from. They told that these utensils have come from Delhi. Initially, the traffic between the two countries used to be by waterways. When my grandmother and grandfather used to come to Calcutta, they used to use waterways only. At that time there was no rail nor any flight. There are many rivers in India, and I think all traffic routes should be opened now. This will also reduce transportation costs, make it easier for our people to move around and we will follow the natural law of rivers. A total of 54 rivers come from India, out of which we are working on only 6 including Teesta. Our Prime Minister has a vision, the entire region has to be developed. This can be done in partnership and collaboration together. We are happy that PM Modi is our friend, who is working on the mission of development together with our Prime Minister.

Question: How do you see India’s vaccine campaign?

Answer: No one knew much about the corona epidemic. At the beginning of Corona, experts had estimated that there would be 5–10 million deaths in Bangladesh. Because it is a crowded, highly densely populated country. But thanks to the efforts of our Prime Minister, we did very well in the battle with Corona. Bangladesh immediately took steps. When we came to know that the vaccine was being prepared, Bangladesh joined the vaccine manufacturing campaign. We paid for this to the European Union and put a condition that the vaccine would be given to all without any discrimination. Then when we came to know that the vaccine was being made in India too, we immediately contacted him. The Prime Minister of India assured us that as soon as the vaccine is available, Bangladesh will also be provided. First we bought 30 million vaccines and then India gifted 2 million doses. For this, the praise of PM Modi is less. We have developed good relations with India despite some difficulties.


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