Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Josh’s argument

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav and Prachi arguing. Doctor says relax, I will write the medicines. Prachi asks are you fine. He says yes, are you fine. She says yes. She helps him change his shirt. Hawayein…plays… She closes her eyes and helps him. She says I want to thank you for coming there. He says thanks, you should have told Pihu. She says no, she already dislikes Josh, I did this for her, not you. He says no need to explain it to me, you can open eyes now. She says yes, its good. He says thanks for helping me.

She says this time, I will keep the friendship. The family members come and ask are you fine. Angad asks what’s this tshirt. Josh asks how did they threaten me. Avni says I don’t know what is LK thinking. Angad asks what are you wearing. Prachi says ward boy had just these clothes. Raghav says sorry, I was driving the car. Monica says Josh knew about the accident and didn’t come to see Prachi, how shall we get Prachi married to Josh. Lakhan says yes, its time we talk to Prachi, Josh isn’t dependable, Raghav is also here, but his intentions are good, if Prachi’s heart breaks, then Raghav will handle her. She says Raghav and Prachi are her support pillars. Pihu asks are you fine. Prachi says yes. Pihu says I was so worried. Prachi says I went for dad’s sake. Pihu says he loves you a lot, I m happy, you got his love, he accepted you as his daughter. Prachi says he loves you also, he observes you a lot and waits for you, if you both keep the ego aside then it will be good. Pihu says Josh’s parents came home and they were not nice, they said they have spent the night with Raghav at the site, its your life and you know how to live, I can tell you, if you do a mistake then you should be accountable for your actions, why do they ask you and not ask Josh, you deserve love, look at me, when someone truly loves you then he will always stand by you, love is love when it is equal. Prachi cries.

They come home. Prachi says it was a minor accident and Raghav handled everything. Josh says of course, he is a superman. She says we will go inside and talk. He says no. She says I will just come. Lakhan says we want to know what Josh wants to tell you. Josh says you didn’t keep my respect, what is it about. Lakhan says you mean this relation is imp on the project, you aren’t a part of this project, your parents had come, I m telling the same, don’t threaten us. Josh says I will also talk clear cut, your motto is to remove me from Prachi’s life, you have chosen Raghav over me. Raghav says you got the chance, you couldn’t do it, you are blaming LK now. Josh says wow Prachi, your ex best friend will talk in between. Prachi and Josh argue.

Josh gets angry and insults her. She asks him to say whatever is there in his heart. Josh asks why are you all surprised, because I m telling the truth, Prachi I m marrying you for the money and project. Pihu says stop it Josh. Angad takes her away. Josh says its not wrong, people have dreams about marriage, she is pretty, but I can’t marry her if the company is going in loss. Raghav says enough Josh. Lakhan says let him speak up, I want to know what is in his heart. He holds Prachi. He takes Prachi with him. Josh comes there. He says admit it guys, you wanted to hear this, right, I m not done yet, I want to talk to Prachi in front of you all.

Josh proposes Prachi and hugs her. Pihu tells Prachi about Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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