Atlanta: Bedbugs bitten and ate a person alive in jail, read the shocking story

 Atlanta Jail Prisoner Eaten Alive By Bedbug: A shocking case has come to light from America’s Atlanta Jail. In fact, in the jail here, a prisoner has died due to the bites of insects and bedbugs. The family of the deceased prisoner claims that insects and bedbugs ate the man alive in the prison’s dungeon. Because of which he finally succumbed.

According to a BBC report, LaShawn Thompson was sentenced after being found guilty of a rape case. He was kept in the general jail for a few days, but the judges declared the guilty man mentally ill. He was then shifted to the psychiatric wing of the Fulton County Jail. 

Prisoner treated worse than animals 

Along with the family, the lawyer of the deceased, Michael D. Harper, also claims that the care of the prisoner was not correct. He was treated worse than animals in jail. No animal can be kept in the barrack where the corpse was kept. The lawyer has demanded legal action, blaming the jail administration. During this, Thompson’s family lawyer has released pictures of his dead body. In these millions of insects and bedbugs can be seen on their bodies.

Family claims tortured to death

The lawyer told the media about the incident that Thompson was murdered in a way. He has been tortured to death. He did not deserve such death. Even a sick animal cannot be kept in the cell where he was kept.

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