Atique Ahmed Murder: Pakistani media said on the murder of Atique Ahmed, it is a Muslim…

Pakistani Media On Atique Ahmed Murder: After the murder of gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, their bodies have been handed over to the ashes. After this massacre, where the opposition is attacking the UP government, this matter is also in headlines in the foreign media. Pakistani media has also given its reaction on this. Foreign media like Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Express Tribune and BBC have published news on Atiq’s murder.  Dawn mentioned the former MP in its headline and the murder on live TV. Whereas Pakistani news outlet The Express Tribune has gone a step ahead and tried to term Atiq’s murder as the murder of a Muslim.

Where BBC has called Atiq a mafia in its news, while Reuters has addressed him in its news by calling him a former MP. Al Jazeera wrote in its report, ‘The accused had come posing as journalists. The slogan Jai Shri Ram was raised after the assassination, which has become a battle cry of Hindu nationalists in their campaign against Muslims. Both were from the minority community of India. 

Let us tell you that Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed were handed over on Sunday (April 16) night. After the post-mortem, the dead bodies of both the brothers were handed over to the relatives. According to the report, Atiq Ahmed has been hit by eight bullets and Ashraf by five bullets. The bodies of both were brought to the cemetery and buried in the presence of a few people.

On April 15, Atiq Ahmed and brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead while being taken for medical examination. After which the police arrested the three attackers, who have been sent to Naini Jail in Prayagraj for 14 days judicial custody. The matter is under investigation. 

In which cemetery were buried?
Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were buried in the Kasari-Masari cemetery in Prayagraj. Both the bodies were brought to the cemetery amid tight security. Both the dead bodies were brought to the cemetery at around six in the evening. During this only close relatives were present in which some women were also there. Both the brothers were cremated in the presence of relatives. However, apart from relatives, other people who came to attend the funeral were allowed to enter the cemetery only after seeing their Aadhaar cards.

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