Atique Ahamed News: Mafia Atiq Ahmed shaves before appearance, ready to go to court, will be produced at 12.30

Atique Ahamed Update News: Mafia Atique Ahamed has left Sabarmati Jail and reached Naini Jail in Prayagraj. Atiq has been kept in a special high security barrack. Today (March 28) he has to appear in the court. Earlier in the morning, he requested the jail administration to shave his beard. After this his beard has been made. 

According to sources, Atiq is ready to go to court. He will be taken out of the jail at around 12 noon and he has to appear in the court at 12.30. Three accused in the Umesh Pal murder case Atiq, his brother Ashraf and the third accused Farhan will be taken to the court amid tight security in separate jail vans. 

How was the night in jail 

Atiq has been kept in Naini Jail in a high security barrack of 10*15 square feet. He fell asleep at 9 o’clock in the night. However, he kept getting up from time to time. Ateeq had also requested the jail personnel to take him out for a walk around 4 o’clock in the night. He said that he is feeling restless and has a headache, so he wants to take a walk in the open air for a while. Atiq was served normal food in jail like ordinary prisoners. 1 ACP, 5 SHOs, more than 20 constables and a large number of police and PAC forces will accompany the convoy while being taken for hearing.

What is the whole matter

Atiq Ahmed is alleged to have kidnapped Umesh Pal, the witness of the BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case in 2006. In this case today (March 28) Atiq is to be produced in Prayagraj’s MP/MLA court. Apart from Atiq, his brother Ashraf and the third accused Farhan are also to be produced in the court. 

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