Atiq Ahmed Murder Case: What do people believe on the murder of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf in the presence of the police? Shocking revelation in the survey

ABP C Voter Survey On Atiq Ahmed Killed: In Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, the matter of murder of mafia and former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf was shot dead. Many opposition leaders have strongly attacked the BJP government regarding this massacre. Meanwhile, C-Voter has conducted a survey for ABP News to know public opinion. 

This quick survey has been done after the murder of Atiq Ahmed and the encounter of his son Asad. In this survey of Sea Voter, opinion of 1700 people has been taken. The survey has been done in UP between 15 and 17 April. The margin of error in the survey is plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent. 

Survey surprised people

In this quick survey, C-Voter asked the people of UP what they believe about the murder of Atiq-Ashraf in police custody. People have given very shocking answers on this. 52 percent people say that he was a mafia, no matter. 24 percent people called it a political conspiracy. While 14 percent people declared the failure of the police. 11 percent did not say the address.

What do you think about the murder of Atiq-Ashraf in police custody?

Police failure-14%
Political conspiracy-24%
Mafia was there, doesn’t matter-51%
Don’t know-11% 

Note: C-Voter has done this survey for abp news. The results of the survey are completely based on the interaction with the people and the opinion expressed by them. abp news is not responsible for this. 

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