Atiq Ahmad Burial: Atiq and Ashraf were buried in which cemetery? Learn important things related to the funeral

Atiq Ahmed Burial: Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed were cremated on Sunday (April 16) night. After the post-mortem, the dead bodies of both the brothers were handed over to the relatives. According to the report, Atiq Ahmed has been hit by eight bullets and Ashraf by five bullets. The bodies of both were brought to the cemetery and buried in the presence of a few people.

On April 15, Atiq Ahmed and brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead while being taken for medical examination. After which the police arrested the three attackers, who have been sent to Naini Jail in Prayagraj for 14 days judicial custody. The matter is under investigation. 

In which cemetery were buried?
Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were buried in the Kasari-Masari cemetery in Prayagraj. Both the bodies were brought to the cemetery amid tight security. Both the dead bodies were brought to the cemetery at around six in the evening. During this only close relatives were present in which some women were also there. Both the brothers were cremated in the presence of relatives. However, apart from relatives, other people who came to attend the funeral were allowed to enter the cemetery only after seeing their Aadhaar cards.

Did how many sons attend the funeral?
Atiq Ahmed’s two minor sons Ehzam and Aban attended their father’s funeral. He was brought from the Juvenile Court to the Kasari-Masari cemetery in an ambulance. Although Atiq’s elder son Umar is lodged in UP’s Lucknow Jail and the other son Ali is lodged in Naini Central Jail in Prayagraj. Ali did not attend the funeral of father Atiq and uncle Ashraf. 

Did wife Shaista pay a last visit to husband Ateeq?
While Ateeq’s two sons Ehzam and Aban attended the funeral of Ateeq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed, their sisters also attended their brothers’ funeral. Gave last farewell. But during this time there is no information about Atiq’s wife Shaista reaching the cemetery. 

Did the funeral prayers of the two brothers take place separately?
Janaza prayers are offered among Muslims to bid farewell to the dead. Funeral prayers for Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were offered together at the Kasari-Masari cemetery and both were buried in the presence of close relatives.

Where were the two brothers buried in the cemetery?
In Muslim society, it is a tradition to have graves of family members nearby. Often children try to find a place for their graves near the graves of their parents. At the same time, Atiq and Ashraf were also buried near the grave of their parents and son Asad. The Kasari-Masari cemetery contains the graves of several members of the Atiq and Ashraf clans.

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