Anupamaa: The secret of Anuj’s silence is out! After knowing the truth, will Anupama teach Maya a lesson? fans will say this

Anupamaa Written Update: In the latest promo of TV serial Anupama, Anuj escapes from Maya and goes to tell the truth to Anupama about his mistake. However, in the end, both are seen choosing their separate paths. However, it is not known in the promo that what was the reason that Anuj was moving away from Maya and Anupama. But now this reason has come to the fore. After knowing this, the anger of the fans can also be seen.

In the upcoming episode, while Vanraj will be worried about Anupama not coming home, Anuj will take her to the temple. Where he will tell the whole truth to Anupama and apologize for his mistakes. Actually, Anuj will tell that he was under pressure, the reason for which was Maya. While Anupama will ask what happened that day, Anuj will tell that he had decided to meet her and apologize and fix everything.

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Due to this, he was about to leave for the airport, but Maya closed the door and tried to come near him. However, he pushed her and left for the airport. On the way, little Anu got a call crying and called her home. Wherein Maya was in a state of unconsciousness and she thought that it happened because of the push. So he took her to the hospital. But the doctor said that Maya has suffered a mental shock and may turn violent in the future.

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That’s why one should always be with him. On the other hand, as soon as she regains consciousness, Maya shouts at Anuj for not leaving her. Anupama will be shocked after knowing this truth. However, in the upcoming episode, will she think of teaching Maya a lesson or not. But it will be interesting to see what will happen to the fans after watching this promo.

It’s IIFA time, Habibi!

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