Anupama 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Feels Disgusted By Vanraj’s Clingy Behavior

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Anuj walks to Little Anuj’s room after returning from Ahmedabad. Little Anu holds his hand and asks if he brought mummy along. Anuj says no. Little Anu says he made a mistake and didn’t apologize even then. Anuj nods yes. Little Anu says mummy would have forgiven him if he had apologized her and asks if they fought because of her. Anuj says its not like that. Little Anu says if he thinks mummy doesn’t love him, its wrong; mummy loves her so much that she let her go with Maaya on her insistence and she had asked mummy to convince papa. She recalls the incident and says she went with Maaya as she was alone, she wants to stay with both Maaya and her parents, how will she stay with her parents when papa fought with mummy and separated with her, she needs them both, mummy loves her more than Maaya, she misses mummy, papa should be with mummy and they both need each other. Anuj emotionally hugs her and asks her to sleep as its late night.

Kanta tells Anupama that she didn’t want her to wait for Anuj for the same reason, but when Anupama had a hope, she agreed thinking they would reunite, but Anuj didn’t meet her and proved that she and their relationship don’t matter to him and Anupama should accept it as soon as possible. Anuj recalls Little Anu’s words, and Anupama recalls Kanta’s words. Kavya offers sweets to Vanraj and says he must be craving for sweets as Anuj and Anupama didn’t meet and he got whatever he wanted to. Vanraj angrily asks why is she having sweets when whatever she wanted didn’t happen. Kavya says Vanraj and Leela’s wish will never be fulfilled as Anupama and Anuj will reunite for sure, Anupama became Anuj’s and would never be Vanraj’s again. Vanraj asks if she has gone mad to have so much sweets. Kavya says she can digest it, but he shouldn’t eat it as sugar doesn’t suit after certain age. Vanraj stands fuming.

Dimple tells Samar that once her divorce is finalized, all the problems will end; she fears of any unforeseen events. Samar assures her not to worry as their marriage will happen for sure and he already informed his family about his firm decision. Dimple says his family is the biggest problem and she fears they may brainwash him. Samar says he will not let that happen, she should trust at least him if not his family; Leela will not change at this age, so they should stay alone after after marriage as that is the only solution to avoid fights. Dimple says he took this decision, but his family will blame her. Samar tries to explain, but she gets adamant and says Anuj will take their responsibility. Samar says Anuj doesn’t want to take up his own responsibility, forget their responsibility. Dimpy asks why is he saying that. Samar says Anuj left without meeting mummy and when he doesn’t have any relationship with mummy, why would he take their responsibility. Dimpy says she will convince Anuj, his fight with Anupama doesn’t mean he is nobody to them. Samar says when he is nobody to his mummy, then he is nobody to him and Dimple need not talk to him; he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with a person who hurt his mummy.

Dimple says Anupama hurt Anuj instead as Anuj lost his daughter because of Anupama. Samar gets angry and shouts its enough, he will not support her in this matter; Anuj hurt his mummy and left without meeting her. Dimple says Anupama should have met Anuj then, every time Anupama can’t play a victim card after doing mistakes and then showing attitude. Samar gets more angry and warns her to dare not speak a word against his mummy. Dimpy says Anuj will attend their wedding from her side and she doesn’t care if any of his family members attend their wedding or not, she will marry him if he is okay with it or will rethink. Samar stands shocked.

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