Anupama 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Refuses To Listen To Anuj

Anupama 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t know how much time he has and if he will get this chance or not, but he wants to tell her everything. He starts that when he was on the way to meet her when his phone rang. Meenu walks in and informs Anupama that her phone is ringing repeatedly. Anuj continues that his story. Anupama picks gurumaa’s call and says she is coming. She tells Anuj that she needs to go and walks away. Anuj angrily stamps at the wall. At Gurukul, gurumaa scolds her students for failing in their responsibilities. Anupama reaches. Nakul asks where was she, they called her many times. Anupama says sorry, its her son’s mehandi and sangeet and had kept her phone aside. Gurumaa says she already told her not to keep her personal aside if she has to be a part of her institute. Anupama says she can leave everything but can’t stop being a mother. She gives gyaan on how she is trying to balance between her responsibilities as a student and a mother and says her son requested her to be present in all his wedding functions and if she rejects her son’s request, she can’t be called a mother. Nakul says there is no room for excuse.

Gurumaa stops Nakul and tells Anupama that she is looking beautiful. She asks her to go and select costume for her dance. She notices Anuj’s name on her hand and says Anuj is still in her heart. Anupama says love is like a stubborn tenant which doesn’t listen to its owner once it gets in. Gurumaa asks her to go and thinks Anupama can achieve great success, but she fears her love for Anuj may hinder it; her family will is her biggest problem; she doesn’t know what she is, I have thought something special for her. Nakul fears if gurumaa will give gurukul’s responsibility to Anupama, he can’t let that happen as he is taking care of gurukul since his childhood.

Leela writhes in back pain after sangeet. Toshu jokes she should use her prepared pain oil. Leela asks about Anupama. Samar says she has gone to gurukul. Leela asks if her son’s sangeet is more important or gurukul. Samar says there was some emergency and she informed him before leaving. Leela continues to yell at Anupama. Kanta asks why is she bothered when Anupama’s mother is not bothered. Vanraj says its okay when Anupama informed one of them. Dolly says they are all present to take care of the functions. Maaya says she will also help. Leela taunts one who breaks house is talking about helping build someone’s house. Anupama finishes costume selection for her fellow students and stays back to finish some remaining work.

Maaya tells Anuj that they should go home now as Little Anu is sleepy. Anuj asks Barkha to take them home as Ankush has some work from him. Ankush asks what work, then says he forgot that they need to visit office. Barkha says they can visit office in the morning and asks Ankush not to talk about work till the wedding ends. Anuj says its important and leaves with Ankush. Barkha asks about Anupama. Kanta says she will come late.
Vanraj thanks god that Anuj left and didn’t wait for Anupama. Kavya walks to him and hesitates to inform her pregnancy

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